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XL H1 Picture pulls "streaks" in pan -

Frage von Mike 1968:
September 2009

For some time I have with my XL H1 is a problem that, unfortunately, to Dato of anyone could be solved:

- As soon as the camera moves in the recording (turn of li. Re n.. Onu +) pulls the Picture "streaks behind. I do not mean the motion blur that this causes!
An example for clarity:

The camera is mounted on a tripod, a person is taken at a distance of about 2-3 meters) (upper body and face + good video light lighting / basic light + light.
The person moves something in the picture, moving his hands, speaks.
With every movement draws the Picture "flags" behind-some "ghosting" - looks like a picture-Delay. Number of distinctive details of which are involved in the Picture, such as hair, and dark-contrast areas in the Picture, liver spots on his face. In the latter-now-it might sound funny to see s.deutlichsten. They "draw a tail in the same shade" behind-with every move and swing! Known as synonymous of old VHS tapes to fray in which the general picture from the old set as the colors & contours ".

If you look at the example programs from 70/80ern, one can observe this phenomenon in part, for example. as soon as the camera during a movement such as light sources such as headlight covers, etc.

Moreover, the picture appears blurred, as it were drinking (as in spite of good coverage). I have conducted several tests on the safety with different camera settings (full automatic, semi-automatic, manual) and recording (SD mode 16:9 + 4:3 and HD 50i) and) in the studio as synonymous with outdoor scenes (with very good lighting conditions, the phenomenon is always the same!
For outdoor scenes (eg when a person takes a reporter, etc.), it is partly to see even more glaring. The picture or the person acts in Focus "washed out" - for example, the skin acts as a "pink lumps" without contrast, and sharpness Deatails without really sharp!

As soon as I, the material on the Calculator (in Premiere CS3 or CS4) without motion picture dubbing seems somewhat better, but once (synonymous if they are slow), a pivot (as described above) takes place, one has the feeling, that same not soft but rather choppy rasterized () appears.

Extremely quite seen the error on a tube TV or flat screen.

The camera was twice already being repaired. The responsible technician of the service company () is no stranger to failure may also fetstellen after some attention-and her and has changed including the image sensor, unfortunately without success. The problem persists!

Has anyone of you have had experience in this direction, or can help me here? Would be great if I could get a quick answer. 'm Happy about any constructive response

Ps Sorry for my part, "pictorial language", I realize no one better description of the problem.

Antwort von ruessel:

... and in the NR1 + NR2 are preset to zero?

Antwort von Mike 1968:

Thanks for the quick response!
Did you mean the "Custom preset"?
If yes = each is set at zero!

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Have you tested another time Lens? Sounds to me more like a failure of optical lens of the stabilizers.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Mike 1968:

... Was the technician on the first einschicken already made / tested, although the lens of XL1 / 2 = has unfortunately brought with nothing ...

Antwort von ruessel:

Did you mean the "Custom preset"?

Yes. Other features s.der Camera not enter the picture response ...... Autogain is synonymous discontinued?

Antwort von ruessel:

Safety: *

Take time the SD card from the slot, and delete all profiles (the latter) internal in the camera ......

I know more now synonymous not .....

as long as the SD card is in the camera, are still synonymous use the stored Customs ... but not always displayed! Here I suspect the error is synonymous already happened to me.

Antwort von Mike 1968:

yes, I did test shots in all different variations, situations, etc. lighting scenarios created ... the phenomenon is always the same! You believe not at, with how many people I have spoken about the problem already. Even the technicians of the service company could offer me no solution to Dato ... What would you suggest what to do, send s.wen ev?

Ps I do not think that I am the way, had so quickly get an answer. Thank you very much.

Ah yes, if it would help to clarify, I could download a short example of how to put on the server ....

Antwort von Mike 1968:

I attempt the same time ....

Antwort von ruessel:

I attempt the same time ....

Only a desperate attempt to nix it will cost. I really suspect that if you one of the noise filter is active. So just watch that is not available with one preset No1 or No2 on L or H. Otherwise, I now synonymous perplexed ....

Antwort von Mike 1968:

[quote = "ruessel"] to be safe: *

Take time the SD card from the slot, and delete all profiles (the latter) internal in the camera ......

- I've made ... or checked. On the SD card are no presets available. For safety, I have you removed and tested again = no solution

Antwort von Mike 1968:

@ Russell: What company could you recommend me s.The I could send the camera for repair? If you had me a tip?

Antwort von ruessel:

They are available in the entire camera presets with no active noise filter?

Antwort von ruessel:

What company could you recommend me s.The I could send the camera for repair? If you had me a tip?

I've always taken the recommended workshop on the Canon site .... Constructed Healthy (2x crap) but this is not synonymous to work ....

Antwort von Mike 1968:

@ Russell: Have read on your HP-You work with the Canon XH A1. What would interest me, as you are satisfied with your camera? You had problems similar to those of I described? Repair Service bezgl I'll turn to me again s.besten Canon ... Since there are very few authorized outlets

Antwort von nicecam:

I think I must support ruessel in its efforts once again, as I explicitly on his blog and here at [list] http://www.fxsupport.de/01_Canon_XH_A1.html[/list:u:e7ef0e4c0c]besonders aber auf [list]http://www.fxsupport.de/02_Canon_XH_A1.html [/ list: u: e7ef0e4c0c] refer. For the posts of Mike 1968, I did not gather expressly that he really knows these pages synonymous.

Perhaps I am mistaken since synonymous!

Besides, you, Mike 1968, the XL H1 call your own, but speak A1 in your last post of the XH.

"ruessel" wrote:
... as long as the SD card is in the camera, are still synonymous use the stored Customs ... but not always displayed! Here I suspect the error is synonymous already happened to me.

@ Ruessel
Do you mean the factory presets 4 to 9? I now have time quickly put the SD card from the camera, but those presets 4 to 9 are indeed appear, as if they are invited, but what I forbear, because thy yes, I work with.

Antwort von Mike 1968:

Hello John,
In my last post I had asked a question trunk bezgl His HP / and work with "HIS" XH A1 ... whether it with the camera (because in many functions the same as the XL H1) is satisfied (see my last post about this) ... I did not write that I have this camera ;-)

With my problem bezgl the XL H1 is the blog of a trunk ...
little to do! It's not a question of attitude but obviously a technical problem ... I had just described above but ...

Mike Gruss

Antwort von happythewicked:

hey ... A colleague and I have exactly the same problem with the xh a1.

objects move in the schlieren image. especially if you eg concerts filmed in front of a red background or something ...

the with the preset times do I have to try ... Thanks for the tip.

But demfall seems to be a widespread problem of this camera ... strange ...

Antwort von Mike 1968:

Interesting, is just that: red "objects" are particularly affected. But then it seems to be a broad problem, except when the XL H1, the XH A1 relates synonymous!

Ps: Has anyone a hint to me where I can get Presetvorlagen / Tips for the XL H1?

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