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YouTube is testing anaglyph 3-D videos of thomas - 21 Jul 2009 16:59:00
YouTube has, without announcing it big, one for videos Anaglyphenmodus implemented that with the parameter "yt3d: enable = true" can be activated (; where two stereoscopic video) are available as source. The procedure is the same as the (already well-known for the color-coded 3-D films, "Jaws 3-D") was applied as needed and a red-green glasses to in the video color-coded stereo images for each eye . Separate On YouTube, you can choose via a drop-down menu the type of color-coding, and even then s.das model of 3-D glasses that you have available to customize. In addition to red-blue, so are synonymous or red-cyan, yellow, blue or green-magenta available.

Stereoscopic video to be uploaded in the form of two adjacent current shooting, which YouTube then joins together depending on the choice of the appropriate procedure in 3-D color-coded video.

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Antwort von tom:

Seeing 3-D way, works very well with the 3-D glasses from the last CT scan.


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