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Eure Hilfe! meine Ausbildung! (premiere)

Your help! my training! (premiere)

Frage von izanagi:
April 2008


I am a media designer and trainee in the company for video production.
Work since 1998, with film footage and have always had big problems. Now, I have good performance and gaps in the
Experience close.
I would be glad if you give me some tips and advice at the right
Exporting and coding of video footage from Premiere could give. (Or, alternatively Progs)

My first point: interlaced material
As far as I know now I can deinterlace everything nice,
because the new DVD projects Progressiv run anyway, because on LCDs
show is so full.
- How are the experiences?
- And what options I make in the timeline (clips) for Premiere optimally to prepare it on full?
- What options do I have to consider when exporting then?

My second point: Quality Assurance
Thus I our videos, mainly for desktop playback so square pixel, progressive are synonymous later as a DVD can output .... do I export all the videos in 720x576, always of the highest quality if not even Uncompressed. I have the opportunity, each time the material is used for DVDs and synonymous for desktop 420x360 320x240 etc. neukomprimieren can. Thus, I am felxibel.
Sounds good ,.... works but not always. The question is how I use the "raw material for further processing" export? Quadtratische pixels? 720x576 or 800x600? Halbilder full?
- What would be the best format for video material for further processing "?
- But if you have 2 versions? a DVD and a desktop

My third point: Premiere crashes
In Premiere crashes when I render everything. Possibly because of the effects.
When Avi export it says error when exporting. Mpeg 2 When he says, "There was no video frame will be returned," or "color spaces are not compatible"
- Maybe someone NEN Tip?

My fourth point: Best video format
If I were in the encoder premiere on Export, then I usually have
the Mpeg2 DVD setting. Create is a m2v file, I actually quite nice
can import into Encore. But since Encore strike suddenly and takes only avi format o, O very funny. The quality is lousy s.Ende synonymous.
- Proposal to optimal setting and codec (compressed) method for DVD movie?
- And the same again for desktop display

All other problems I have been using the search function can clarify.
I would be happy about answers. Do not now of on tonight, but the next few months.

Gruss marco

Antwort von andidhouse:

Even funny ....
really want YOU for your training to be the one who matters here in the forum ... ;-)

First out of the highest quality but it is a fundamentally correct idea. And look at the program times in Sorenson Squeeze.

Antwort von muco:


to 1) until you export deinterlace ... where? how? depending on the premiere version, the output format and configuration options -> see ggf handbuch

2) the original

3) install update

4) Encore project settings and verify

otherwise see contribution of the predecessor

gruss rob

Antwort von PowerMac:

That can not be. That you are in the company to teach. Turn you s.deinen trainers. If you were with me, there would have to be before you cut, the first two weeks training for video workflows. As a relief, I advise you the manuals of Premiere and Encore all times through the evening. Actually since synonymous everything. Yes you are missing a lot of basics. That you're not to blame, but your bad training company, whose duties do not go after.

Antwort von andidhouse:

Just when you're in school is not watching the teacher's fault.
Then I still read what of 1998.

Antwort von nico:

Let you not to take the shovel.
A temporary comedian has `ne desert story out and grins are now one.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Just when you're in school is not watching the teacher's fault.

Absolutely. The teacher has lehrzielorientiertem teaching responsibility for the successful instruction. There is nothing new, that interest and motivation as factors in teaching and control. The whole instruction research revolves about appropriate conditions for the instruction and the Learn to find the lessons and learn success on it too.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"nico" wrote:
Let you not to take the shovel.
A temporary comedian has `ne desert story out and grins are now one.

I hope you do not.

Antwort von Thore Rehbach:

The circumstances of the OP describes quite come before: (

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Izanagi

Support the postings of "money" / (the guests) fully and completely.

The one thing you do in 10 years, not learned, you can visit this
Forum and in any other up.
Can you at least describe what you during your
"Internship"'ve learned?
Perhaps it would be a better starting point.


Antwort von werbun:

Maybe you should change the company. If have no idea how they will teach you this?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"izanagi" wrote:

I am a media designer and trainee in the company for video production.
Work since 1998, with film footage and have always had big problems ........

Aha ..... For me, this sounds so .....

Page 98 my dad had a PC on which I could kucken XXX movies but could not .... sometimes I got worse for it. With Dr. Divx, I have the first s in SVCD Divx (think these were then avis) created ..... to the movies now in my room on the DVD to Divx kucken.

Now I do a training course, since I now know I would have told of video, now must I go SOTI times clips and video clips customers to your websites. It overwhelmed me, however, and does not synonymous as much fun as when shooting with the XXX.

Would you please help me .........

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

.... where should we help you?

That you stop one on Cool and make yourself at profilierst issues with people who really do not give any clue to have ......

Who today a media designer does, but not even with perfect certainty and knowledge on this track .... the can not be surprised that he only paints Webbanner

Times prefer to go and tell the boss that you've exaggerated. He should be training you, or by Conex provide training courses which you then in your free angehst.Um you personally to develop next.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

So I must say that I have here guys, with the 15-20 nothing more than to do with readings and PROGIS look at this, as I started not even been written. The results are already very convincing and show where it should.
Unfortunately s.and are synonymous to the people like, for example. at / for XXX stuff would work, but if you say :"... yes then what you can, what do you want to make out where to go because ....", then the red and the other people are vorzeigetauglichen then small verschüchterte Dummschwätzer.
The note, which you probably never have a chance to be, and probably more would have done something else.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Very sad that I in recent years, unfortunately, often sollche boys and girls in the team and myself have always annoyed be the other and make your work then so synonymous nor profelieren want / need.
I personally, will cancel chen people then, or do you not only with the team.

Conclusion = If you're really something you can like, you need to not only order of 8-17 to create h but synonymous in your free everything.
Otherwise you'll only one of many designers, the media in the world that nothing can and nothing will.


Alla much success in your further ways
B. DeKid

PS: Sorry but your questions were already answered and therefore (unfortunately) this critique / comment / statement of my Page.

PS2: Any student with 3 major average and he is my absolute devotion rather than durchgemoggelte graduates to remember now in the UNI but nix cheat sheet with you and will accept jobs for which you do not need ABI.

Antwort von nikolaus-online:

People, I think you may (sometimes) a bit to keep your feet still. If you are miserable relating to training, etc. miss you, please create a thread under mixed and listens to the asker to denounce.
That really is not fine art
If you do not want you to (admittedly) to basic questions to answer, then ignore this thread but simple.
I think there is nothing stupid forums, and answers such as "googel it first" or "you should really know."
My opinion.

Antwort von Zizi:

ach herr je ,....
First thanks for the postings.

@ B. DeKid
Now it was serious or not? These manifestations had been aggressive but not now. You know me garnicht: (

"durchgemoggelte Abiturienten" I've come garkein Abi and even of the Hauptschule.

"You have to not only order of 8-17 to create h but synonymous in your free time to everything."
o, O as I said they do not know me. I work here in not holding to 17 but clock up about 21 clock. Home / in the leisure s.Wochende I work mostly s.Heimrechner nor next.

"That you stop one on to make Cool"
I can not cool, because I am a very self-critical man am convinced is the only if the client is happy.
Therefore I like to learn next about this.

"Go rather to the times and tell the boss that you've exaggerated."
I'm the only one in the loading of video editing and can be reasonably
'm so directly to the video project manager appointed, we can say.
So really great find I can not, because the entire burden is on me and
very much responsible for me sitting. But yes otherwise makes None.

"Page 98 my dad had a PC '
I'm 27 and have then begun with the C64.
With 1998 I just thought that I started private films have to cut / produce. course amateur

WHAT I MUST be getting rid of MAL HERE:
I do not MedienG. Picture / Sound but design / printing.
In my operation but I'm working with 3D animations and videos,
because we are a game development company.
So I'll synonymous in school little about the matter to learn.
Since the calculator always crashes and Premiere not working properly,
I hold the above mentioned problems to me would really help if I am going to get a grip.
Maybe you too much of me to ....

Antwort von izanagi:

sorry:) I was the

On the subject of videos in operation yet, ... I'm doing the intro movie and cutscenes as well as our games small trailer Amazon.

The current video that I made was for the fair presentation of the metal / electrical industry of Germany.

Antwort von s2kk:

OffTopic Sorry, but how the game is because what you do?
Or is it still a secret.

Antwort von Thore Rehbach:

Premiere Wg. and crashes: does the calculator may have been in its present form, has all sorts of new software seen codecs allowed until they munch and was synonymous not otherwise protected, right?

So if you are new in the store and the thing are not working properly, I would either s.den competent admin to ask to fix the problem, b) the calculator iron and everything needed to reinstall or c) the head of a new Calculator including pre-cut system and a corresponding support from the ribs drone, which may be the satisfactory solution.
Everything else is Kiki, because nobody here the characteristics and history of your system and knows the problems described is very limited on Premiere alone are back to lead. The premiere, with whom I have worked so far, such failures were not in any event. Otherwise, would not synonymous premiere status, it has inne.

On the subject of the best format for further processing: the Resolutionsollte of it correspond to the input resolution and how you've already identified itself, is "uncompressed Avi" the safest solution. The only drawback: it's just a real memory eater.
If you deinterlaced the material, you should see the result as synonymous fullscreen output.
If you 720x576 exportierst, the aspect ratio is 1,07:1 (no quadr. Pixels) at 768x576 at quadr. Pixels.

Sounds good ,.... works but not always.

When it not work?

On the subject of interlaced: because you mainly for the PC-producing playback is deinterlaces in any case a must. What is the best setting for you is, you should see in the test series noted. This helps you be synonymous, experience in dealing with Premiere to collect (is synonymous for the different codecs)

What your problem is Encore: Encore does not seem generally too stable. The problem could be but probably by the approach described initially soften slightly.

Basically, I type on a countless codec packs contaminated system, which is not an easy way to revive is.



Antwort von izanagi:

Ok thanks. Hab few times earlier tests.
Encore to the problem: There is a solution by using the cache or deletes its path. In the registry the Common folder in Adobe delete
and system reboot. Subsequently Encore:)

Antwort von Zizi:

@ B. DeKid
Offtopic, but at least as interesting as your last post:
How old are you since? And what drift you so? A little bit of foundation would do well to your comments.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Anonymous" wrote:
@ B. DeKid
How old are you since? And what drift you so? ......

- 30
- At the moment ... hmmm ... my fishing / bait for the pike season (s.1.5) set forth.
Otherwise, I do everything I paid for my life and somehow with media design to do. Focus photography techniques and animation / graphics.


Sorry Steller thread but did hear the case at all after so someone .... So nix drauf do what I had announced, but who is a legally-creating the human being is no time to be Cool, which is synonymous to the beginning of s.seinem chief open gestehn when he says he was unable to cope with certain tasks.
The should not be made, it is always s.Schluss to problems or disputes.

I always say "I can not alone and this task I am not cope"

Thus, the expectation never too big and I can with good results but the customer surprise (+ I can be more days to finalize rausholen, which in turn is synonymous worth ;-)

Alla MfG
B. DeKid

Antwort von Zizi:

"Anonymous" wrote:

How old are you since? And what drift you so?

From such "revelations" here, in particular, one can only urgently advise.

Antwort von Zizi:

@ B. DeKid
da geb ich dir quite right, I'm just beginning for this reason actually been because I had previous knowledge of them and
my application site were convinced. (Cheap labor, I would say).

From experience and knowledge, I am even our apprentice training in the 3rd vorraus far. Should not sound conceited but actually was.
Have since my youth is nothing else to work as a calculator.
Only you sometime s.seine limitless when suddenly
professional should work as if you are already trained.

Now it's too late to retreat NEN, since trainers and Chief
know what I can. Although I only get the minimum payment, how stupid I acker. During the month of approximately 100 overtime hours that are neither paid nor free will. Synonymous times between 35 hours s.einem piece. While fun ,.... but if you only work without
to learn and the instructors themselves do not synonymous and has no idea of video editing .... Then, with the hard to learn.


Where ever thanks for the tips of productive you:)

Antwort von izanagi:

argh ... depp hab ich schon wieder not logged.

Edit: thanks Thore is particularly

Antwort von Chezus:

Well, as you learn: by one into the cold water is being missed. If I get a job is rarely what it was not challenging myself. I will always be synonymous to learning because you never auslernt.

Maybe you're a little synonymous with exaggeration of your application? Is not evil intentioned but if you absolutely want a job, take a bit more into the application with pure.

I am rather low-lift trucks because sometime it comes out so that it is not as perfect as you can has.

At Encore: apparently runs generally unstable so what you hear.
Views there should be no problem but its a movie uncompressed output and with the right program to get smaller. Had there never own problems, neither s.Anfang my "career" even now.

Schonmal everything reinstalled (clean install) and tried again? Possibly. Premiere zickt then no longer be so bad

Antwort von izanagi:

Excessive, I would not necessarily say that.
Some actually references ... So I did not somehow rumgequatscht or wanton fantasizes but only shown what I have done so previously.
But the right was only convinced when I first intro for a game made. And I got the job not so synonymous with my Written application but work through the sample.
I'm just a cheap labor force -.-
If I sometimes see my flash website, Euro 1500 will cost the customer and myself did not believe there is already thinking.
Well, so now is not an issue.

The Reinstalling werd times I probably have to do.
The problem with ENCORE I've finally solved .... you need to see the Common folder (the cache) in the registry, delete them. and reboot.


Antwort von Markus:

"izanagi" wrote:
Although I only get the minimum payment, how stupid I acker. During the month of approximately 100 overtime hours that are neither paid nor free will. Synonymous times between 35 hours s.einem piece.

In such a company I was working times synonymous. For in between is quite nice (you stop collecting a lot of experience), but that is not permanent because it is frustrated at some point to see how business owner clients and staff take advantage because they (as wars in my case) does not circumvent with Money can.

I would tend not to recommend a new PC, but to a new workplace. ;-)

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Anonymous" wrote:
"Anonymous" wrote:

How old are you since? And what drift you so?

From such "revelations" here, in particular, one can only urgently advise.

Hmm ... following the motto ... "what you say can and will be used against you"? -)

Is it really no preference ..... I get to me and my statements, which have always been and the guest wenns interested, he now expects what could buy na please.
One of the overtime and etc.

As long as one part of the whole may be, is synonymous feels confirmed by the product and the encouragement of customers, this can be ok.

But let's say you like this ..... a lot of people because of it just make your refrigerator full.
Do not exploit the fact alone and the one of you now now on after a task starts sollche already shows that there something slightly wrong can run.

Repeats So I would like to note once again allowed, your boss may ask you with training or other in this direction to support it.

Even when you get this during your free time, he should address, according to my Meihnung, so that you meet.

But you'll still manage wünsch Dir so all the best and continued success.

B. DeKid

Markus @ = Sachenwie as you sign them until I had already noted synonymous, so my distaste for some Poser.
[/ quote]

Antwort von Tinobee:

Lack of alternative job offers, that's all right intetessant.

Antwort von Tinobee:

"B. DeKid" wrote:

Hmm ... following the motto ... "what you say can and will be used against you"? -)

Yes. Exactly. Have in another thread the current one (existential) experience abroad stories. This led within a few minutes meant that the first Vollpfosten be cynical and amused utterances feels forced.
It is synonymous really meeegakomisch if a very small film no fault of their own equipment for about 30,000 euros Neupreis of day to lose!
As a long time before I even logged posted here (no preference what), went so far as the attacks that worst insults as personal mail has been forwarded. That I will now avoid by the anonymous "guest", synonymous if the general appearance of the "guests" here is synonymous getting worse.
Could it be that all this since about January of the year has worsened? Not only me so before.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Clear. Everything is worse, worse. And the values decay rapidly so that the gravitational field of Earth damage, which contributes ...

Antwort von Thore Rehbach:

Wait times we s.was our first self-made black hole gives us so:)

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Host


-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

And because this was now so Offtopic, I will make a new thread unstop. Den you will find HERE, and keep it fair we do not want it here to a host epidemic comes, on the basis of certain comments.

Alla MfG
B. DeKid

Antwort von Markus:

"Guest" wrote:
Could it be that all this since about January of the year has worsened?

The admins and I are off the problem to tackle, and we have recently done a lot already synonymous. Changes happen but not overnight, so I ask you both for your patience as synonymous your help. How important especially the latter, is from the wikipedia link in this post that: Normal tone here?
by moderator

Antwort von stepi1974:

"Anonymous" wrote:
"B. DeKid" wrote:

Hmm ... following the motto ... "what you say can and will be used against you"? -)

Could it be that all this since about January of the year has worsened? Not only me so before.

Yes, since you only have anonymous mob and you constantly as different as each guest is reaffirm everything worse - what was to prove so :-)

Antwort von izanagi:

wow, ... ok, I wanted so much attention then but not ^ ^
This thing is slowly Offtopic.

So I thank you for these tips.
Und@B.DeKid, clearly I will look at each instance is what is doing to effect positive. But the two years I put on all the cases. After that I will 100% elsewhere.

gruss marco

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