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Frage von spitzfindig:

Hi dear Slashcam - professionals,

I stand here with a problem that I have yet to find any solution. Perhaps you have a thought or a solution for me ..

I have a variety of videos available - I am speaking of several hundred. All of them are already for the web with the h264 codec compressed.
Now all these are to be integrated into many videos in Youtube BUT with a watermark to be inserted later.

Have you any idea how I can do without all these videos s.besten render again (especially since the next time so synonymous would be a loss of quality)?
I had a way of thinking, if one could not integrate a PNG graphics in the YouTube player, which sets the watermark as it were, without expense to render the video.

Do you know if this is possible? Or you have a very different approach for me?

Thanks ever!


Antwort von tommyb:

You can not.

You have to reencode.


Antwort von spitzfindig:

Hmm okay, thanks for your answer - this is of course very annoying ...
The overtime is O_o ....


Antwort von newsart:

If the insertion of watermarks may cost a little money. There are services that do it automatically on upload.


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