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Frage von flashback_2001:

Hi folks. Youtube On the subject of encoding in the network, there are countless proposals and views. Unfortunately have not yet found what makes me happy.

During the upload to Youtube the video runs through the house encoder. I would have given two approaches. I would prefer the video on my PC so compact that it is not once again by the encoder runs Youtube. Possible to put two would be that either uncompressed video or for example with H264 (high resolution, high bitrate) to upload. Disadvantages are longer upload time and the Youtube encoder.

Here are some suggestions. Write me some times you think about this.

1. Vorkomprimierung as. Flv (flash video) with "Youtube Settings
(Resolution320x240, 250kbps video, 70kbps audio)

2. Vorkomprimierung with h264 codec with high settings
(full resolution, 1600kbps video, 128kbps audio)

3. Upload without Compression
(full resolution Quicktime animation codec or DV AVI)

What do you think? What format and resolution, which directly use of Youtube?

Another note to 1st variant Youtube has been offering the latest videos feature "high quality" should be. The key features are: Resolution320x240, 670kbps video, 128kbps audio. But if I with the settings from Version 1 upload, I can not use this function.

Questions, questions, questions ;-)

I appreciate your suggestions.

Gruß Oli


Antwort von TiMovie:

Just read this through --


Antwort von tommyb:

If the YouTube encoder to minimize damage should the encoding process, then you must make it yourself.

States in detail:
Filter your videos, remove unnecessary noise. If you do not, then it makes the encoder and the looks with 99% probability much worse compared with a good Denoiser.

Is also using a codec of the possibility of artifacts as little as possible behind. Since you're with h264 and the built-Inloop ever on track. Use, however, no fixed rate but a quality mode. This allows the file size does not determine, but uses the codec bit rate as much as he is for he feels it is right.

What you get is a video with a few artifacts from the compression arose and it helps the Youtube Encoder general.

Obviously, it is synonymous to Youtube always look bad when your material is difficult to compress. Ie jerky, wobbly and noisy recordings fail s.der Bitrate YouTube - if the encoder there with a fixed bit rate should work.


Antwort von flashback_2001:

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions.

I test next week, all times through and keep you posted.
I'm anxious to see the videos that I upload uncompressed high. Sehn time whether the long wait worthwhile.

What do you think of method 1 (Flash video)?

Btw, the youtube encoder works with constant bitrate. Variable are not suitable for video streaming.



Antwort von flashback_2001:

Hello. If someone again lost in this thread, I have a solution for HQ uploads at Youtube to offer. I tell you, it was a lot of work. Vorneweg only so much: Youtube has the beginning of this year changes, the upload / activate affect of High Quality. All tutorials on it on this topic on Youtube or on the network will be useless and out of date.

Bei mir hats worked with the following settings:

Encoded with SUPER
Quicktime container
H.264 Codec (AVC) Baseline Profile, Level 2.1
"High Quality" option
Video Bitrate: 1000k
Audio Bitrate: 128k
Resolution: 480x360 (4:3), 640x360 (16:9)

However, the hunderprozentige no guarantee that your actual video in HQ will appear. As I said, Youtube changed some things. However, many favors HQ pans, zooms, motion, etc. within your footage. The Youtube Encoder "recognizes" the many movements and calculates the compression differently.
As you might know, it is very difficult codec, a film with low bitrate or file size to compress the video when a lot of movement and action. To achieve good results, the bit rate increases, which improves the quality synonymous. This is approximately the activity within the youtube encoder. The intellectual outpourings come usaus this source:
Very important is also the resolution. It makes no sense to upload videos larger, since it anyway at 480x360 or 640x360 runtergeschraubt be. This see again.

BTW my settings in the agree exactly with SUPER Youtube Videos agree to the HQ option.

Try try.

Gruß Oli


Antwort von inethacker:

Very enlightening, thank you.


Antwort von Commanderjanke:

Also thank of me!


Antwort von flashback_2001:

Please be happy ;-)


Antwort von pixelclipper:

640 x 480 pixel,
min. 3000 kb,
. wmv

Upload on youtube and the magic will appear HQ button for SD material



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