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Frage von Kackfass:

hi people!

I have in my current film tries to put a black beams to make on certain .... the problem is that the beam is then put on only one .... and the person can not be prosecuted, the synonymous make any way? oh .... so I use Magix Video Deluxe 2004 plus ....

it pays to actually buy the new magix too? it has many new opportunities? you can finally make a smooth transition in slow motion? or is it still just a jerk?

David mfg


Antwort von area2051:

hehe ... either you are working with the police or you are trying to render harmless a porno * g *


Antwort von Kackfass:


how did you know? ne does not want porn harmless .... where do kommts yet .... where is the fun then? ;);)

.... ne fun aside, have a film of a geburtstagsfete and because a buddy had drinking and the girls do a little rangesoomt and partly because it sees the tanga or so .... and I want to make myself a fun and draus nen beams do about it .... to make attention to what the buddy since gamacht again ..... ;);)

but why should I therefore work for the police?

mfg david


Antwort von MiXMaster:

hehe ... ne I'm sorry. yet I can not help you .. just sounded so then there ;-) I had to post straight times


Antwort von Sörn:

schau mal hier type of the fussball gott.


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