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Zoom film magazine wants your topics!

Frage von zoom_timo:
August 2009

Hello dear indie filmmaker,

Since August 2009, a new film magazine s.Kiosk. zoom - The Magazine of the film makers as the first magazine covers not only the professional sector, but is devoted explicitly synonymous aspiring filmmakers, independent projects, and serious amateurs.

zum Bild

We creative people have their say. To make the man, the films are the focus. zoom in lively reportage gives insight into the genesis of their productions. Our workshops give professionals like Michael Ballhaus valuable Tips and talk openly about their "little secrets". Guides on selected topics and provide cinematic technical basics.

zoom - The Magazine of the Filmmakers will have a circulation of 30,000 copies. The magazine's in newsagents and by subscription. Film schools, film companies and professionals are provided with it.

Why do I write you this? There are smarter places to accommodate advertising.

It's simple: We want your input! The magazine will be for you, so we want to know what interests you! What topics would you like to zoom in to see? Professionals, we should ask what holes in the belly? On any subject you desire a detailed workshop?

You have also a distinctive and ambitious project? Or does it with s.einem Project, of which you think that deserves more publicity? So register with us, if it's interesting for us, we will discuss it! For us, it's great if the film has been well documented with photos and you can tell a lot about it.

Post all suggestions! Or just send me a short message via the forum. I'm curious what makes her grad!

Furthermore Frohes Schaffen
Timo of zoom

Antwort von hannes:

And I always thought that advertising would not be welcome here.
Thus one can make mistakes.

Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

"hannes" wrote:
And I always thought that advertising would not be welcome here.
Thus one can make mistakes.

Great and very informative post! 5 Stars for so much of my expertise.

I wish the makers of the magazine every success. Congratulations for the courage to make something new synonymous in this period.

Antwort von idolum:

Have you synonymous needed a Web site? And where can I buy your magazines?

Antwort von Lichtathlet:

The website is:

Antwort von scrooge:

I think Zoom is the magazine that has been missing. The first issue I liked it. At last, in a magazine that appeals to serious amateur synonymous, the focus is not on the latest camcorders, equipment or transition software, but on the actual filmmaking.

I like most in such a practical workshop on editing magazines, design, script, camera work, etc., especially when people have their say on this subject.
But synonymous review of projects that have been "no-realized budget" (; one of them exist in the current issue), I find very interesting.

I contend that the equipment has a maximum of 10% influence on the quality of a movie. Much more important is experience, talent and above all, attention to detail in all dramatic subtasks.
The magazines will zoom because I believe in the right direction. Hautpsache it is very specific and includes not only general tips.


Antwort von idolum:

@ Light Athlete

Thank you!

Antwort von Frank B.:

The journal is the successor of PC-based video that I've actually always liked to read. I find it sad that there no longer exist. My subscription is obviously gone into the automatic subscription of zoom, because I just received this magazine recently pictured above with the post office. At the moment I am still torn out and if I cancel the subscription, because of my former subscription product has changed greatly, and my opinion is no longer corresponds to the subject matter which I raised with the subscription. The focus is now entirely different. The first issue is, I think, very kinolastig (; do not know how to express it differently) I am not a film maker in the sense that it implies the magazines and obviously do not know whether the expected costs and benefits of the subscription for me. On the other hand I find it very brave of the editors, a technology-magazines, of whom there are some s.Markt and where the competition is very high, against one, represents the creativity to the fore to replace. Possibly. synonymous, as a layman can get some really good tips of highly committed professionals and amateurs. So I'll wait and see first what it is yet because of zoom. I hope you will not be so kinolastig, because not every filmmaker makes his films in the movies. Otherwise I wish you every success in your courageous step.


Antwort von studiosale2:

My first impression s.Kiosk: Ballhaus front on it, amateurs right in there .. is someone who may have noticed that the topic "No Budget - Shooting without coal" very prominent standing next to Mr. Ballhaus? Also ne kind of humor ...


Antwort von blip:

"hannes" wrote:
And I always thought that advertising would not be welcome here.

If they are not synonymous, but a single reference to her new magazine, we want to look to colleagues times, when it seems synonymous come up against some interest to ...

Antwort von scrooge:

If they are not synonymous, but a single reference to her new magazine, we want to look to colleagues times, when it seems synonymous come up against some interest to ...

I look so synonymous and synonymous, I believe that the call for contributions is serious. Would a good mix resulting from the contributions of professionals and amateurs of experience ....

Antwort von zoom_timo:

First of many thanks for all the answers, your interest and synonymous for the criticism!

"scrooge" wrote:
I look so synonymous and synonymous, I believe that the call for contributions is serious. Would a good mix resulting from the contributions of professionals and amateurs of experience ....

This is precisely the goal! Of course, such an idea has always synonymous to the aura of Werbischen. But to me / us is serious: What do you want for topics?

Until now appears from the indie film scene, and this giant, which is found almost exclusively on the Internet, not on the public perception. I am even indie filmmakers and it annoys me even if at Wikipedia this immensely creative group does not show up. Tom Bohn's indie-stars.de was a step in the direction of change that, zoom is next.

What topics you burn your mind?

Antwort von joey23:

Have you reached via email?

Antwort von beiti:

My impression from the first issue:

The approach offers a magazine for "small" film maker, is initially very good times and synonymous brave (and the audience would not have to be huge).

That the technology moves further into the background, I think basically correct, and some magazines with their "Highscores" have taken a long time because impractical direction. However, it should be contained so much technology that we as film makers to remain abreast and then when the next project ansteht own, can make informed decisions. Without technology is, there is no film. However, I would like to see proper reviews of practitioners and not "camera test" with strange points of inspection reports and evaluations. What is true for cameras, of course, is synonymous for the rest of the equipment: According to a survey of, and sound equipment, lighting, editing, etc. would be great, Budget, and although always with a focus on low. The camcorder test of Wolfgang Hannemann there is already in the right direction, but according to the target group should drankommen future, maybe something bigger / more professional equipment.

The interviews with film practitioners (; Mike Thurmeier vsLowell and Peterson) and the corresponding image distances are great and should be quiet even more comprehensive. As you get very interesting insights and probably get more ideas for their own work than from any theoretical textbooks. Nor can possibly improve (in some places too literal translation from English, such as "sound stage" you should not) translate with "Tonbühne.
The title Interview with Michael Ballhaus is synonymous, although very interesting, but not quite fresh as a daisy and some time ago ran on television. But is somewhat understandable that gives a behind camera-celebrity ballroom an optimum target group cover. ;)

The articles on cutting preparation and script formatting are not bad. Best zugechnitten to the target group should, however, the articles on NoBudget filmmakers and their methods to be (in which case Heiko Riemann and Helen Hegemann).

What I would hope for the future:

As mentioned above, should the technology in the form of market overviews and practical reports are taking a bit more space. Especially interesting are tools that enable professional work to some extent, but the man with a small budget can rent or even buy.

From interviews and field reports avid filmmaker, both from the professional as synonymous with the low-budget segment, it can really never enough.

One topic that should definitely be treated once or synonymous every now and then, is the marketing homemade clips. Anyone who has no relation to film and television industry is still rather have rotated their own film as shown in public to get that anywhere. What role do the festivals, and which come into question for whom? How to get there under his film? How friendly behave in public and private broadcasters? Is there at least a small chance, a self produced film in the German Movies-rental system to accommodate?

Another issue that preoccupies most Selberfilmer, is the question: "Rent or buy?" To this end, one could gather opinions and experiences. Sometimes the budget is indeed a choice between the Purchase of Billigequipment and rental of semi-professional equipment. Is it worth (inexpensive equipment, such as Chinese Stufenlinser directional microphones or yourself) to possess, because you can practice so that more and more intense than familiarize themselves with rental equipment, and because we can then turn flexible with your dates? Or is the purchase in any case a waste of money because the quality is not satisfied, and because it uses most of the equipment only for a few days a year?

Antwort von Jan:

To begin, I wish you much luck and patience. Your way is certainly not easy, and 30,000 units per issue are (synonymous a large number, if you compare with leading Stillimage magazines).

Sooner or later, will have internet platforms such as eg Slashcam increasingly infiltrated, synonymous if the level is not always as high as in a real journal. I am thinking but not s.AFV Picture or chip. More and more users are looking for free help and if possible the very fast.

A few users are capable, however, represented here as synonymous in other video forums.

Many camera buyers do not even read some of their instructions, practice books of good writers often gather dust (on the shelves;) own sales experience.

But there are still the ambitious filmmaker, synonymous if they are clearly in the minority, be inspired safe for your magazines.

Ok, I try to contribute something productive.

- Reviews of cameramen unusual settings, like our students John. Many users here have had to smile, what ideas it has eg, a young filmmaker to turn an interesting movie (;) Dolly Photos.

Synonymous or other filmmakers who with limited means a high quality film produced.

- A good practice test with DSLR cameras, as eg with the Canon 5 D MK II - newer model will be followed by - (: even though the now again is almost too late, because the run decreases).

- How is precisely the level at film schools, which technique is actually asking what the students want?

- As filmmakers, Camera + Accessories Manufacturers & appreciate the TV market is, what innovations soon be upon us?

- (Implement best popular events for many interested parties (; Car Racing, weddings, events, football, Landscapes & Cities Movies) with small budget, camera work, design, Nachbarbeitung) - for the more amateurlastigen Filmer.

*** Looked into the future ***

- How will film in 5-10 years?

What new things could establish itself?

Eg is there when looking for the consumer and filmmakers may have no more cables, such as (eg in the DLNA technology, images of Camera s.TV without cable), etc.?

*** Past ***

- A kind of "vintage unit," with fancy cameras and their accessories, elder, to filmmakers from this period. One part retro, so to speak.


Antwort von zoom_timo:

Thank you for the feedback! Since a lot are things here that I find interesting watering hole!

@ breiti:

One topic that should definitely be treated once or synonymous every now and then, is the marketing homemade clips.

This is very personal to me s.Herzen. In my own twisted short films I've searched years for a way to achieve a higher status in the public. We are in the next edition of the indie-stars.de ago and are currently working on the marketing issues s.weiteren!

Keyword: "Rent or buy?"

This is just for special equipment that you can not simply synonymous with views to take on vacation, really a difficult question. Right, because it would be nice to be watching me, is on what devices, for example, the maintenance so complicated that there are more worthwhile to rent.

@ Jan:
This shows quite a similar Think! The Review of unusual camera men will continue to exist, not only synonymous with celebrities such as Mr. Ballhaus and Mr. Lowell. Also unusual other Department Heads, we want to portray.

The Canon 5 D MK II, and synonymous to film schools already have a place in the next issue. To be more in October!

The Future Retro corner I find really exciting! Did you known film maker or synonymous indie filmmakers? Or (synonymous both, as in the rest of the book)?

@ Joey: Over my profile you can reach me am excited!

Antwort von Jan:


the publisher of the units as apply in a given quarter, (not an issue;) I am silly.

The demand for vintage (; cars) is relatively high, many events in large German cities have been very good viewing figures.

Perhaps it could be interested synonymous filmmakers, with what was previously rotated, is structured like the technology, and which at that time there were big problems.

May still rise camcorder manufacturers with retro cameras in the market, Olympus has with the EP 1 (and the imitation of 1959 PEN) at the beginning of the digital cameras made. At least that intuitions and the "handnehm" interest of the customer after the camera is high.

In future, I felt rather novel techniques to present images or postprocess (;) eg with Finger s.einer wall without computers, but difficult to predict.

But the idea with the future Indiefilmern I do not think badly synonymous, what new equipment (; be built tinkerers) to inherit eg Steadycam sometime or Dolly once.

Beginning of October comes the new edition?


Antwort von Dieter17:

Hallo erstmal, this is my first post in this forum. I find the website very well.

I was until recently a subscription of the magazine PC-based video, which unfortunately has now been replaced by the newspaper zoom.
I have read always very happy because I was more interested in the DV editing. This direction is no longer represented a shame. I just canceled your subscription. In another article in this forum is synonymous written about alternatives. Unfortunately, I have never found why magazines are no longer manufactured.

To the writer who was said to complain about Wikipedia, where anyone can write a post, then write it myself one.

Many greetings from Leipzig Of Dieter [/ quote]

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