Infoseite // a similar camera as JVC GY-DV 500?

Frage von gaga:

Hello! I once with a JVC GY-DV 500 and would like to work again to make something, but there is no longer in the rental she .. Maybe someone knew of a similar quality from?
would be the - PVW-D35-something in the way or is it something else?
Hope someone could help me!


Antwort von prime: = @ 1 ; kamera.Kameratechnik & Class = 37 & osCsid =


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Gaga" wrote: ... Would be a. .. Betacam SP ... something of that nature ..
BetaSP is / was an analog system, the only material you'd have to digitize in order to work today on the computer. Better off you are there with the shoulder for DVCPRO camcorders (Panasonic) or DVCAM (Sony). In particular, the latter should be given in the form of the DSR series at any better hire.


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