Infoseite // a total of 25GB-HD movies in iMovie import?

Frage von DigitallyDone:

I have a Canon HF100 and the movies have always been backed up with ImageMixer3 on my PC.
Now I want all the films in iMovie 09 but have on my MacBook.

iMovie will import but only if it looks for the program as if it has the originals folders right of the camcorder.

I can now:
Write back s.The films in batches via USB of my PC to the camcorder, so that in this structure, iMovie, or wants to
b. ??

I do not want the camcorder so as a 'certainty' in between: (takes, the eternally .. gibts because no other possibility?

Help: (;


Antwort von hoffo:

iMovie takes synonymous files.


Antwort von DigitallyDone:

no, no: (;


Antwort von WoWu:

When what you have available for your movies?
Actually you can still pull the finished format to the timeline, as long as they do not exist as something very exotic.
However, if you do archive it in AVC with iMovie want, you'll be able to import only of the camera.
For editing iMovie transcodes the parts that you want then cut in AIC.
If, however, your data is still available as. MTS files, try it once with Voltaic
The 1080HD. Walk in MTS. Mov to ... it should work then.
By the way, synonymous MPEGstreamclip could work out. I'm just not sure right now whether MPEGstc recognizes AVCHD ...??
Otherwise, there is the media converter iSkysoft ...


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