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Frage von sonnik:

PLEASE help me! I'm already s.verzweifeln weeks 2 and synonymous since a complete reinstall of my system (laptop Samsung P30, Windows XP) has not helped, the problem still exists:

adobe premiere pro 1.5 SIMPLY PASSED and disappears after about 10 minutes-15th Of my desktop. Without errors, without anything, just now of off on the same ...
WHAT IS IT? I have spoken several times with people who have tried, trojan horses, viruses, etc. to find, that's not. fold is now my virgin system, I thought this would be the solution, and now it would - TUT'S NOT ;-( I have the video files on an external hdd and my internal work on the file. premiere goodbye but synonymous (crash " "mans nich may call it, there is NEVER ANY error messages, etc.) where I work, the file of a second external disk and start from her saying that she should have access to the external disk 1 ... I still rotating s.rad real .. . MAYBE IT IS ONLY WORKING ON? I have the default when p30 2x256 = 512MB. too little? BUT: I will not have to premiere SHOW ANYTHING? that is not enough memory or something? MY QUESTION IS, THEREFORE, THE FOLLOWING: WHAT TO EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD CAN LEAD TO, THAT IS A PROGRAM JUST SO WHY NOT CLEARLY IN A TOTALLY NEW (AND WITHOUT PROBLEMS IN THE INSTALLATION PROCESS) SYSTEM ADOPTED BY THE SCREEN?? please help me I need to finish the film until the end of February and have despair s.der techniques that will help me here and I really should not take away my time ...




Antwort von jasmin61:

Kontroli perhaps again the system


Antwort von MiXMaster:

With the sudden drop-outs without warning and for no apparent reason, I had to fight to synonymous. With me was the cause of the animations. There I had plenty of involvement Photoshop files (*. psd). After I swapped out the animations in a separate project, the system was running again. The animations I then embedded in video files. In the outsourced project can be reproduced next crash. I am forced to suspect that Adobe Photoshop is not compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.


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