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Frage von UlfP:

I hope for your help, I put in a Project and slowly losing his nerve.

I have a problem with an AFX project from Japan.
As soon as I want to replace a file, eg a pure Bildddatei, synonymous with no text layer (JPEG), I get the error message:

"AF Error: Could not convert Unicode characters.

I think it is probably s.der title of the AFX project files, which are cryptic and not displayed in Japanese AFX. But the effect on a file to be imported have?
And is there a way to correct this problem?


Thank you,


Antwort von Jörg:

schau mal rein


Antwort von UlfP:

Thanks for the tip.
I have, so far as it went, already tried, without success.
However, I was not. Txt file found in either the ATM or other folders in the folders.
Since AFX is installed with me but in the German language, I have the "AMT.zdct" in the de-directory is replaced by the ja_JP, in the hope that JP stands for Japanese.
In the "language codes" (Adobe link) are all possible languages and their codes available, up to the it-ch Japanese and folders do not exist for me.

Greetings, UlfP


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