Infoseite // after effects overwhelmed despite fast pc ...

Frage von Saftsack:

Hello I've recently bought a new pc 3 GB of RAM a GeForce GTX etc.

I have the trial version of after effects CS loaded 5 and was shocked how heavy this performance is ... if I already use a bit complicated effect everything is not already in several real-time ...

I have noticed is that the CS2 version is a little better why that is? but this version is synonymous easily overwhelmed ...

one can afford to set something? appears as the only one the video erstma sparverion will be ejected and later when then render only the highest resolution similar to complex vectors as PhotoShop ... I found nothing there:)

thank you


Antwort von tolean:

you can monitor the composition down relative to the press center button and so the resolution is 1 / 2, 1 / 4, 1 / 16, .... . You can also raise you a box (region of interest) and only caching what you really want to see in the picture.


Antwort von Saftsack:

aaaah very good ... which is not bad ... and what is the with the versions? is there something to it that the older CS versions run faster?


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