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Frage von günter:

hello together,

I want a afterfx animation (6.0) insert into my project and then premierepro
the entire store *. m2v to dvd-compliant.

if I afx-avi to premiere import
- It must be rendered
- Image is compressed in the amount
- Quality does not look

if I afx-avi with ms media player or winamp look --
- It looks great,
- Really sharp and high contrast
- And the proportions correct;

I play the Fool-avi easy directly from premiere as *. avi or *. m2v from
- The picture is compressed in the amount
- Blurred and low contrast

I take this played out in *. avi virtuldub everything is great.

I take off my afx-avi in TMPGEnc mpeg um, the same thing happens again
(compressed, low contrast and blurred)

properties under the following animation was created (Reuters-avi):
compositional adjustment: pal D1/DV, 720 x 576 pixel aspect ratio 1.07
render settings: best quality, full resolution (720 x 576); halbbildrendern from
Output Module Settings: Video format for windows, no compression

Software: afx6.0; PremierePro
hardware: cut card matrox RTX.100extreme

Premiere settings:
project with the default map for matrox dv-pal
- 720 x 576; D1/DV pal 1.067
- Recording format matrox avi capture
- Video rendering matrox dv / dvcam

Export Movie Settings:
- Filetype matrox rt.x
- Compressor matrox dv / dvcam
- D1/DV PAL 1.067
- Render upper field first

I have read so much now, and tried, but do not get off hook.

can someone help me??
I would instantly synonymous ranging from my afx-avi a "sensible" to make dvd to mpeg file.

am grateful for each rat


Antwort von günter:

SORRY, Sorry

I think it was just too warm is similar in my bude and my confusion, as the story with the summertime. I hardly thinks he has finally understood why the clock is placed before 1 hour and makes it even turned out to be false.

I just checked again all the settings (they were all ok) and found here that I have made several errors. a file with the same name in different directories has led me astray in the ninth and knows precisely what has ridden me and winamp
Using MS media player as a viewer to berurteilen for my avi to quality. And I know has always been that my premiere preview window is not synonymous is so meaningful. I should have just played what times. yes, yes, the heat.

And is it with the astonished chung, well was probably wishful thinking of me not to have it square in the skull and compare permanent what was distorted or not distorted, one repays distorted my perception.

Many many thanks s.jörg!
matrox actually seems aben the last option, since in APP "upper field" stands and can not be changed this.

gruß günter


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