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Frage von peze1:

'm new here and technically quite underexposed. I want my videos directly using an analog converters (Cinergy 250 with usb) to have PE 7th Not baked but the war settings. 've Pretty much anything by experimenting. Kann mir da jemand step by step help?
I have it in Ulead and Movie Maker does not hinbekommen in PE 7th
With very best regards from Sweden


Antwort von Alf_300:

PE supports input via USB probably not


Antwort von vaio:

Hello peze1,

Although I do not use Premiere Elements, but it should work.
Quote: PE supports input via USB probably not
Creating a "USB Video Class 1.0 Drivers should be installed. So it is in any case described in the manual to PE 3 (!). As I said I do not use the software, or they have not installed synonymous. Say it can not test synonymous ...
Was not it like this: You will select from among the recording "AVI" and then followed by the appropriate entry (USB Video ... etc)?
Software Is a Driver with the grabber?

Tip: Before the start of PE should be turned on and connected all the devices (camcorders) on "Play".

Gruß Michael


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