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Frage von videofreak52:

The first recording with the new camcorder in the box (Panasonic SD300) and wait for the editing with Edius neo booster.
Now the question arises: to what end format I save the finished movie?
1st For archiving (and possibly further process irdgendwann)
2nd Back to the Present (of hard drive directly to the full HD-TV)

To Mini-DV times, it was simple: Archiving as DV-AVI, DVD to watch s.TV). It is indeed a Bluray player available, but I have a burner yet. The quality of the hard drive but would be just as well?



Antwort von Wechiii:

uncompressed? ;-)

or H.264 with Full HD resolution / Quicktime? I would just try what looks s.besten!



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