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Frage von mirko k:

hello everybody!
my problem: I took an avi video with a webcam (phillips tucam). about 2 hours length, 1.5 gb, avi format really important for me!

the video: runs about 9 sec, which are bilder tlw next-ton and the other, distorted, greenish, some players are about 4 seconds to detect relatively normal, then stop!
I'll take a few minutes with the webcam on, everything is in order!

previous attempt: video repairer, virtual dub, several players tried, avi chop, all the codecs installed!

I ask: if someone has a tip how I can hinbekommen again, I would be really grateful! 've searched in the forum, but what can not be found directly comparable. With the hex editor, I can not handle the header and I have no ahung.
until then, and many thanks in advance


Antwort von mirko k:

.. if there jmd to her thoughts made her so happy! moreover said:
The strange thing is that the repair program and length for all players all over "seems to be normal." some play correctly from the beginning, which stops the picture and after 9 seconds is closure, while others play the whole 9 seconds over murks.

where the 1.5 GB gone? are parts of it to extract?


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Mirko,

The subject was treated on several occasions, but I do not know if this is always "gave the" solution. Using the search function you can find these posts, search terms "AVI repair" or "AVI unusable."

Register yourself time if you've found a solution that worked.

An example:


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