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Frage von n3x1328:

have been short, a new mini-DV camera ... now I have the first cassette synonymous already on the pc but made a 60-minute film is 13 gb big ... So my question now is whether I can with adobe premiere videos shrink? As a second alternative, I would have virtual dub of the program but unfortunately I have just as much as of ahnung premiere! Help!


Antwort von Stefan:

Yes, save one with selectable compressor (codec) in a selectable format that comes with two programs.

That actually goes with each x-any video editing program, so fundamental and important is this feature.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von prem:

You've got a clearly defined plan as one that in virtual dub or app does!?


Antwort von Knick:

to decrease only I'd take virtual dub.
you open the rar with virtual dub to put audio in "full processing mode" one and the "compression" nen codec would you recommend as mp3, s.besten the lame encoder

dann gehts next, under Choose a video "compression" and when you are looking for from the codec, Xvid nid is bad;)

how to find all the matters on the site ceases s.hier tutorials.

then if gehste fit all settings on File ---> Save As Avi

nurnoch then have to choose location and name, and the rest makes diene pc:)



Antwort von AndyZZ:

Before you frantically belittling any files ... What will you then do with it? ? Further processing The Internet provide? Burn to DVD, CD or V-CD? Which players should run to Choose? etc. ..




Antwort von n3x1328:

So I want to cut a video together from all over the dv-cam videos I have taken of the? I can post-process after the reduction of the still or should I do that with the complete end result then. Ah, then of course at some point that I want to burn on dvd, is approximately 15-20 minutes long ...
Thanks for Help!
gruss ...


Antwort von AndyZZ:

The ideal case:
All in DV-AVI at the plate let (13 GB / hr) to create the film from the individual sequences and convert the final result then to MPEG2, so then a DVD can be come of it.
Disk space is pretty cheap nowadays. You'd be mad at yourself, the place where you want to start with 1 / 2 years, perhaps with your MPEG2 or DivX encoded movies Zusammenschneiden to want to bring it to DVD. Indeed, since kriegste massive problems ...


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