Infoseite // bye Sony! And now Panasonic HDC-HS700 or Canon HF S21?

Frage von Magic23:

As I slowly with some of my points SonyHDR-SR12'm not satisfied, I stand before the election

Panasonic HDC-HS700
+50 P
+ Wide Angle35mm
+ Accessory shoe Standard
+ Battery
-Internal memory 32GB
Display resolution


Canon Vixia HF S21
Internal Memory + 64GB
+ Display resolution
Wide Angle43, 6mm
Shoe accessories canon

I film mostly with no tripod, so I think that 50p would be better.
Well and because of the noise of the fan panasonic ... of course not nice but I film most of the events, ie where it is veeeery loud. do not think that bothers me the fan.

Can one sensor size of the two cams to compare? But has a nose in front at the sensor?
Panasonic 3x1 / 4.1 "
Canon 1x1 / 2.6 "

Or it might be better to wait until next spring to the models come next? Synonymous but are again very expensive.

How does it look now at 50p video cut off? cut with Sony Vegas (Pc: AMD 6x3, 2GHz, 16GB Ram, GPU 5830, @ SSD system, data @ HDD RAID0)

is that just work with my schnittpc?

for tips and help would be greatly appreciated ...




Antwort von heigamp:

.... You should check with the Panasonic, zoom, then with the Sony. There are worlds in between. Wg fan noise: the single model with flash card and select SDHS card, no internal HD of the must be lifted.
Incidentally, Edius Neo 50p imported easily, and even in my
Acer dual core laptop to render play absolutely safe.



Antwort von Magic23:

s.hat the small model with no internal memory as a fan? think that all the 700 or have?

And what do you mean exactly with the zoom? is because my dose to SonySR12 better / fine?

I'm just really undecided whether it is for me already pays to buy a cam, but at least my Sony already 2 years old.

And the problem with the autofocus in lowlight is my animal on the cookie, for example my sony says. recordings at the club must not make sharp, must be first up. telephoto zoom and back again, then the picture is sharp.
naja and the lack of manual settings are better than one fault


Antwort von Jan:


has to be this year?

Canon will definitely show improvement - the end of January, then passes the data.

Right now the Panasonic SD 707 / TM 700 is the unmatched choice.



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