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Frage von JakobAG:

Love slashcam Forum users!

I like watching movies with very fancy camera to work. Beautiful, correct, correct almost objectively perfect camera work has its value - after all this so often asked (especially in TV shows, series, etc.) but you can learn to design but of those that differ slightly from the conventional way s.Besten.

Therefore the question or suggestion s.Euch: You can send me without obligation and without much fuss just write a recommendation or other underneath, of Shooting with just such a "fancy" camera work and one that impressed the most with you added ..

The CSI is illuminated particularly well, I know, but that is not for me to "unusual" but under conventional image and color design with modern, action-promoting approaches in section.

I am interested but rather the opposite: movies / series with less high profile, where the camera work is not necessarily synonymous to be perfect - because, as I said, this inspired design s.meisten technical! I trust, however, that it is now clear to you what kind of camera work here, I clumsily try to describe.

Objective: of Shooting / Camera series learn-and technical design as much as possible / be inspired!

Thanks in advance!

LG JakobAG

Ps: if you spontaneously think of anything please do not let you take your time by writing your answers, which may not be immediately helpful ... :)


Antwort von Mantas:

pixel shadow

in any case turned out:)

in may be seen at YouTube.


Antwort von Axel:

The film "Children of Men" has amazed me by every time something exciting happens, no more cuts, so the other way as you would normally do. The camera work is "impossible", the making of the DVD says it synonymous, that there really are several takes but which are zusammengemorpht in the mail.

The film "Enter The Void" is from the POV of a dead man whose soul is not naturally s.die gravity is bound. The same principle impossible camera movements and positions, supported by massive CGI. The movie is a movie, the only exclusively synonymous home, to the exclusion of all worldly distractions to appreciate (there are few films where we emphasize the need, this is one of them).

Very interesting for some subjects could be the shooter, aesthetics, unusual because of their characteristics: absolute depth of field, quasi-absolute motion resolution, rather than abruptly cut position and focal length change (or "impossible" wide angle, YouTube Search "Left4Dead").


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