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Frage von lotharbaur:

I ne canon mv 850 i got me pretty angry and miserable about the tone, thanks to the built-in micros. a connector for an external micro is not your turn. There are tricks connection or I can expand micro and connect an external cable for what? rat who knows??


Antwort von Jan:


na that is not easy, a Möglichleit would zuzuspielen via AV IN sound, in most cases, the sound would be too low (you have to be tested) if you subse a micro s.den red / white - about 2 to RCA jack adapter coupling. Between Micro and the coupling could still try a mic interpose.

That makes it expensive, but once again, and the adapter / cable sometimes annoying.

And usually sowas is possible only to post, not directly to the recording of the AV is recognized in. (Usually this will only in playback mode)

An AV input's just no microphone input.

It would be better still, here are some user had a software called, where the noise can be filtered out quite effectively.



Antwort von Markus:

Hi All,

synonymous if I do not personally know the above camcorder, most AV inputs are only available when the camcorder is operated in mode RECORDER, ie you can not take the Picture of Lens and the sound via line-playback simultaneously.

A microphone signal is roughly 100 times weaker than a line signal, therefore, must necessarily be a corresponding upstream amplifier. Probably they would not hear nothing, not even very softly.

A possible software for eliminating the drive noise is as Adobe Audition.

Learn More:


Antwort von beiti:

Mitzugeben It is a silly fashion of the camcorder-Manufacturer, its entry-level models no microphone input or headphone output. Even if the built-in Micro is high, there are simply many situations where one would have to bring the microphone closer to the action.

On herumlöten camcorder I would not. The mere opening of the housing can be made much broken, because the technology is incredibly delicate and sensitive. (I speak from bitter experience.;))

As long as you want to buy a new camcorder, I find only a one way: Take the sound with a separate device and put it on later in the post-synchronously.
As a recording device in question, each gequarzte recorder (DAT, MD-is) Memory Recording and old VCR or camcorder with microphone input, in conjunction with Microphone preamps.


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