Infoseite // canon 5d - problems pictures of the filming LED

Frage von enik:

have tried with the canon 5d abzufilmen different LED works of art.
the camera makes it the typical noise bars allows authenticity, just as if you have a TV set. I find this camera anywhere in a menu, where would be the hertz frequency adjustable.
can someone help me?


Antwort von deti:

That is the magic of the "shutter speed" and that you can adjust very well.



Antwort von enik:

thanks for the pert answer is .... but still not;)


Antwort von masterseb:

the old frequency problem. mode you are working in NTSC or PAL, so 30fps or 25? trying times with the other (is yes, thanks to new firmware) and is 1/2xfps for the shutter. I made the experience in the 7D, that it has in PAL mode in Europe with LEDs problems. there's only, change to 60Hz.


Antwort von xinon:

what is an art of Led-art it is?
color change?

benefit if the tricks with frequency and shutter nothing - take ne cam with CCD. the problem may (but need not) be a rolling-shutter.


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