Infoseite // capture with ADVC-300 on network drive?

Frage von videolo:


I've borrowed a Canopus ADVC-300 for digitizing my Hi8 video. 'm With s.capturen iMovie11. My HD is almost full.

Question: Can I directly without problems on a network drive, save (100 Mbit switch)?

Background to the question: if I want to see the DV files from the network drive, does it only with heavy Geruckel. So my concern that perhaps not if you save the data rate is sufficient.

Is there clear evidence?

Thank you for quick return specialist Info.



Antwort von vs:

My condolences for you to have released a device with sub-optimal compression and even sub-optimal filtering on your material.

What is the record of Network's business: working with DV 25Mbit / s. A 100Mbit network should therefore be able flushing loose. Nevertheless, of course, the risk of dropped frames because of increasing traffic congestion on the Comparison for direct recording. As a rule, but it should.

If it does not work, check your Network. Does something huge amount of traffic (flashing LEDs s.Switch) or possibly a cable is broken?


Antwort von videolo:

Thanks for the info vs.

If you already attestierst me that I have a suboptimal solution, it would be constructive criticism, if you could describe the optimal solution.

Can you?
Thank you in advance.



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