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Frage von dr.hofmann jr.:

halle people
the following problem:

until now, the capture with premiere pro 1.5 went without problems. I have several movies captured the program. Since yesterday I have a strange problem. Of F5 after he probably recognizes control the timecode, but did not affect the camera. cam, however, was recognized by the system (turn to the question is with what I want to open including premiere).

capture the dialogfenster premiere / appear the message "cannot activate camcorders. try resetting camera". all try to fail (cam program to turn on after boot, before the boot, etc.)

capture since the last time I installed some new programs. could the reason be? are, however, xvid-conversion program like Auto GK, with what will be an additional installed programs: Avi Sinth 2.5 and vob.sub, etc..

On Windows Movie Maker is certainly not leaving: This program smear me immediately after the start again.

XP - Home SP1

Thanks for the help.


Antwort von Markus:


to check whether the newly installed Programs leading to the misconduct described above, you could just replay the last image and test it.

Or have you around any image of your system?

Why an image so important?
Lots of Programs installed ...


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