Infoseite // capturing problem: 16:9 plus black beams in the logging window

Frage von nele:


I would like to capture HDV footage into Final Cut.

The problem: the picture is displayed in the window to add "log and" in 16:9, but with black bars above and below, the image information itself dragged wide. (on the camera monitor, the picture appears normal.)

the material is recorded in HDV 1080i50 on a sony Z1J.
So I have chosen as recording "HDV", as device control "Sony HDV 1080i50 FireWire" and as the sequence settings "HDV - 1080i50".

What could therefore be that the picture is distorted and makes a detour to DV 16:9?

many greetings and a beautiful day,


Antwort von Jott:

Down Conversion enabled in the camera.


Antwort von nele:

wahnsinn because I would never have guessed!
thank you very much!


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