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Frage von julie:

Hi, I must be an animation film in a scene inserted, the scene is so partly out of the cleft and from the film bestehen.wie should I save the cleft to insert RANSPARENCY? With alpha channel? In cinema but I have no idea of it, tells me of how it works? Thank you


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Render - New Default Render - Issue and Pixel correctly adapted to the Project - Tiff then Save AVI PNG or PSD and choose alpha anhacken

I would tiff between psd and choose - and then under multi-pass the other then choose Format.

You can spend synonymous as AVI / Save leave and under multi-pass only frames saved.

If it passes s.wieviel render the project has and what later may still be made.

Animation frames, however, is always better then later un avi together.

B. DeKid

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