Infoseite // convert EX1 - MXF file to MPEG file with Sound (; Program Stream)?

Frage von mediavideo:

Want to buy a memory chip camcorders: EX1R or XF300/305

Have a question about the EX1 Software Tools:

I would like to pass to the preview originals s.den customers already in place via a file copy (; EX1 then stick to the notebook or DVD) so that the original quality can quickly assess quickly and easily on a Windows 7 PC and can rubber-stamp (; Windows 7 MPEG2 Program Stream can play files directly).

Can the MXF files with the Sony tools or other free / paid PC Tools lossless convert mpg to MPEG2 files as a Program Stream (; video track data and both audio track data in a file) with extension?

I have a free time of Snell & Wilcox reading software can not find it in the Internet.


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


whether it is really no loss I can not say. I walk my MP4s of the EX always with a program that you find here. (High point)

To me it helps me, I make all changes with it. Alternative would be the Adobe Media Encoder.




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