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Help, my nerves soon burn through: Now I have upgraded my PC (; win 7 64bit, 8GB RAM, quad core 2.2 GHz, Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT) to get rid of hope that jerk with the DV editing. Despite the new patch so the old song. The program ran on synonymous VISTA 32 bit not right. Corel is not responding. What should I do. Buy Pro X3 or Video Studio Express 2010, or a completely different editing program?
My camcorder is of Panasonic HDC-SD9 (; AVCHD)
The George seems to be a guru in this software, he may have a RAT do? And do not hesitate to reply in Chinese fold, I'm blond :-)

Ah yes, a new symptom has been set with win 7: If I own clip on the groin pull and wants to play him in the clip mode, the program crashes.
Now I am curious if someone gets on the line. Have you ever read thank you all for it.
Thomas from Freiburg


Antwort von lechevalier:

I think the magic word is "AVCHD". Give me the time but here as a search term and be amazed ...


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