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Frage von franksterling:
Oktober 2008

I am a dentist and I would like a commercial than tinker with the screensaver on the practice running.
the film should infos and pictures about the possible privately offered and include hmm naja sale.
I've more or less the text and photos which I would like to use. do not sit there any plans to use video material. SLL movement through animation of the images / writing to
My question is whether anyone books and / or recommend sites can help me regarding construction and design can give.
I thought only that the entire design in flash but I am now rather inclined to use after effects. I can reasonably use both programs for my purposes, what should be rich.
I tend to ask. how long should a building be shown before the next comes. where do I put pictures and writing. how much of the images should convey information (eg before / nacherbilder) how many just look beautiful and create a good atmosphere. it would be great for design ideas to get (eg as with the mac photo screensaver and zoom in and move into other crossfading, tips for scene change ...). how can I get my products in s.besten scene (eg the patient is really interested in the finished work nahaufnahme to see or do things like no ahnung apples, water and similar health-mediating important things?). I sit on health or luxury? what feelings / emotions should be addressed ... ?
there are commercials for the provider practices tinker. I am unfortunately not a practical possessive and I can not afford. I would like it synonymous to myself later zb photos can switch to, offers to add things like hire action with any orthodontic treatment-free bleaching etc can be installed.
should of course already look good but I know that I am not a dentist and designer of'm so are my rights are not soooo big. however, should have more charm than ne popel powerpoint presentation.
would be great because if I could recommend someone. live in england and have therefore no rehearsal synonymous in English literature on the subject to read.

vielen dank schon mal.

edit: sorry to hire in the forum would make better movies. Please move if wrong forum. Thank you!

Antwort von PowerMac:

I want to disillusion you. The pure technology you can by the usual After Effects works appropriated (some of the Trish and Chris Meyer). Practical ways you do not even need AI for that. Motion would be enough. Or even a piece of software, which is moving pictures and with Ken Burns stuff provides. The cut itself was synonymous in iMovie or Magix. No, the technique is not difficult. That you can teach. Then you still lacks everything a good film. But filmmaking is more than the mastery of AE. You prefer to purchase books on journalism and advertising. Or invest something for the Imagefilm.

Antwort von franksterling:

as I already had written the technical side is not a problem. I'm with me of the above programs and their operation principle familiar ..
I expect that I am not synonymous a perfect finished product get. as already written it just a little more than ne olle powerpoint presentation with which I probably against the part of the would achieve what I want.
I'm synonymous with basic design concepts, however, trust in the web area. However, because due to the interaction of the first users of a fundamental interest, may be expected to think that because I'm completely different principles apply as in (commercial) film area.
a book on advertising to buy would be super. how to remove my previous post, I can ask synonymous
I do not know what the cause of the somewhat abrupt hmm naja undertone but I think that it is not very nice to me to tell me everything that is missing in order to make a commercial. you know me and my background but did not. if my post read would hire would have been synonymous realized that I did not stick to any technology that aids in demand because I do not need tips but according to me in the film to incorporate thematic image. me to disillusion is not exactly helpful. if you have so much of the unknowing subjects would have it but certainly not a problem to me a few specific reading or websites to recommend (that what I asked). or I have completely misinterpretiert antwort? Unfortunately, I have no movies in the grid correspond to the place I like what else would I would have the answer to my question was there.

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


anticipate, I will not disillusion you. Your job is as difficult as mine. Can I repair a tooth just because I use the drill can technically? Probably not. So you can probably not Imagefilm create just because you technically with the programs can handle.

First question: Why should a presentation on the practice computers running? Whom do you love? Your employees? Or me, the private patients? How can I do to see that? On your website? Or should I see in your practice? The fellow on the shoulder?

What should the content be? Can you? Your advice? Your top technically equipped practice? This question is first to be clarified.

If you ask me as a patient, I have a clear idea. Mediator emotions. No fear mediate with before / after pictures. Gentle softly faded images with texts. Most people are afraid of syringes, drills before (I just do not like injections, so I always leave without drilling). Try alternatives to scared to find. Positive attempts to convey. Drilling is not bad. Take the people's fear.
I change dentists if I remember, I will except as a patient. Advise me well and gave this fact in your film. Then you can reach me.

Helps you like that? I hope.

Many greetings

Antwort von franksterling:

Hi lutz,

Thank you for your reply.
it helps me in any case, something next.
I am very clear that I do not expect professional results. I need this but I believe not at all synonymous.
perhaps the word is synonymous film image is not the word for what I'm looking for.
I work in england and the patient gets here, unlike in Germany of a universal state provided. Unfortunately, this very basic simple things. The patients are synonymous not so enlightened about dentistry and often do not know what anything is possible. ie if a patient receives is not filling the amalgam which is then depending on the finish someday of silver gray to black switches.
But since I had studied in Germany can I get a much bigger range of treatment services. and because it will be difficult. if someone comes to finding and I say we have 3 fuelungen make the nciht so wild when I still know the alternative to a private sale will benefit the most is still synonymous. However, it is very difficult things like straighten teeth, botox treatments and restorations complete front to sell because the patient as to the date drüber never have thought of and one to the other second with stress and relatively high cost will be confronted. apart from that it is very difficult to someone a botox treatment or ne braces for sale (ahem they have here ... really ugly kraehenfuesse ever thought about botox? haha)
I have a fairly extensive portfolio with your own pictures (macros before / after, before fulface nacher etc) and thought it would be much more useful to exploit this somehow. there must be no screensaver on the pc it could be synonymous to a digital frame in which is shown as what you can do. my idea was the patient something to show before it comes into the treatment room and so a certain interest.
there would be no problem synonymous poster design but naturally arouse screens and what it is to be seen more interest and poster always see something trashy, especially when they are not framed.
I have very much synonymous in the internet if I wanted somewhere in the competition so you can see something like this and copy but it is really very thin gesaeht.
in any case, many thanks for the reply.



Antwort von lxRox:


hab mal sowas similar made. however, concerns the eye surgery.
schick mir mal ne mail. then I'll schicjk NEN link.
maybe can do something. does not cost the world ;-)

film (ätt) ravision.at


Antwort von Axel:

For your task, I have the perfect solution: A large flat screen TV in the waiting room, with the services offered as a short, appealing optical activity.

For very important, I believe that the presentation is not intrusive. At best they would be silent. The images should speak for itself and the waiting patients make curious. Understatement, but that fits perfectly to the British mentality. No Flash abdominal bandages, as in American TV commercials, when science activities, then with a dash of humor.

The inhibition, with a doctor about extra benefits to speak, must be lowered. There is even the money factor, Lutz said that he would not be pulled across the table feel. That is, it is better the patient, the doctor will ask whether a particular treatment is possible and how much it costs. That's easy. Table: Ask Dr. Sterling.

The other factor is a bit complex, but can be summarized as follows: I should so something Kosmetisches can not make (the state's not paying, so it is not necessary, who am I that I consider?), I should of Money to prefer a new rain gutter buy from a deep sea jellyfish is not synonymous with Botox anemone fish, I was just so much vanity, how devoid of intelligence, etc.

There are many strategic approaches to address these concerns to allay subversive. This is the language of images, so you can image, which in itself prove what one wants to express. The best shows you the benefits, ie, the cosmetic result of treatment, in the best light, rather than treating themselves with humor's s.besten: The patient should be informed of his concerns smile and say: So what?

The Easy Credit's prior advertising. Money for unnecessary stuff to the window Kicking? I can synonymous.
Sorry, was not on your treatment ;-) gemünzt

Antwort von franksterling:

Many many thanks for the tips. my presentation of the whole will in any case have a lot of concrete.

Antwort von franksterling:

I wanted to again thank you very much for the tips thanks.
'm still not quite finished but the whole looks a lot better than I had expected.

many gruesse


Antwort von veejay:


surely you see the movie here Naturopathy already viewed.

I think not bad for a practice

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