Infoseite // dgi Music Video Canon 7D

Frage von kichiku:

new little music video of us ...
for which I subscribed

hope you like it

have fun


Antwort von rush:

Nice ... synonymous when so many shots I'm used to not even of you;)

Music is as often a matter of taste but ...

Your hip-hop videos have promised me more: D From the visual translation as synonymous her musical ...


Antwort von toxitobi:

As superficial as the music is so synonymous is the video with all the shots, what is appropriate and beautiful to look synonymous with the scenery.

I have it with me, it must strive to look completely, because the previous music videos were just always been pretty good but unfortunately this was not motivated by the lack of history. Too bad because the footage is really good, because nobody would have more can make out if it was because at least something happened.

Greeting Toxitobi


Antwort von Piers:

Eieiei has, as one of the Guttenberg made?

Reminds me of some very strong s.den of classic Depeche Mode.

But still send pictures and as already said, unfortunately without a story.


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