Infoseite // digital audio workstation - advice wanted!

Frage von Jörg H.:

Search Tips for the basic equipment of a small DAW (digital audio workstation).
There are now only the PC, microphones, cables and the following components ...
+ Audio Interface: USB Swissonic StudioD (various inputs XLR, Line, etc.)
+ Keyboard: Yamaha MIDI Keyboard CBX-K3 (only MIDI Out - USB nix!)

Now I need your recommendations regarding
+ Recording software / eg Steinberg Cubase Essential 5
+ Sounds / eg NI Komplete 7 Elements
+ MIDI Interface / synonymous like small compact in blender, or just MIDI-USB cable?

Did I forget basics? I will just listen, what can you recommend me. With all the internet research I am currently completely flattened all of the options, sounds and great promise of the Manufacturer. 'm Probably more of the musicians ....

With Cubase I worked years ago already. My goal is the soundtrack of short films.

Would be nice to hear of you!

PS: Before asking for your budget: Inexpensive but not cheap! ;)


Antwort von Marco:

As a recording and mixing software for film scoring is often used synonymous Vegas Pro. While the main focus is to go more toward music production, such as synonymous Acid Pro.



Antwort von Jörg H.:

@ Marco
Thanks, I'll look then synonymous again.



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