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diplomfilmdreh – welche kamera unter folgenden bedingungen?

diplom rotating film - what camera under the following conditions?

Frage von el kick:
Dezember 2007

hallo zusammen.

I plan to time my diplom film, so I am no longer total layperson, but the hd-jungle orientation makes me somewhat. the biggest problem is that I do not use all available alternatives with my own eyes that can test and unfortunately a growing armada of would-be familiar with, which no more than semi-spreading.
maybe can give me here so give someone a tip.
now because:
a short film to be rotated and ultimately on 35mm gefazt (either via the "direct method" of berliner www.digital-direct.de or even about the "simple" by abfotografieren cartoon of an HD camera-monitor).
using the 35mm copy I promise I naturally have a "chemical" enhancement of the images away from the obvious-digital look.
now it makes the camera go. The money would be enough to borrow 1080/25p-kamera. in the eye because I have the canon xl h1. other hand, I play with the idea of one of these very small consumer-hd-cameras to take some scenes because I was in the forest and are very happy to tinker with devices would, with whom I seemed without freely between the trees out in the tightest space and herfahren can. Also you could turn these small cameras with a special device, for example, s.einen tonearm mount and thus "free floating", that is crane-like shots (sounds perhaps a bit adventurous, but in such tinkering, I practiced). now the real question:
I use an approved consumer-hd-camera, what would I mind the subsequent action faz a canon xl h1 reasonably comparable quality? How much sacrifice or what I would have problems such as a 1080i camera, remember? it brings the role of 24p-canon-consumer cameras or is this a fake? ultimately, I need a building that is synonymous with larger festivals makes a good figure. bin ja mal gespannt, whether the romantic überhaupt jemand durchliest ... I appreciate every message, thanks.

el kick

Antwort von r.p.television:

The XL H1 is only meaningful if you have the optional WW-lens use.
Otherwise, the XH A1 better. It has finer gradations aperture, finer Cusom-setting levels, better handling, a lower starting focal length, etc.
And the display is synonymous minimally better.
Have both cameras and can tell you the XH A1, therefore, quite objectively recommend as a better camera.
As a second camera (small), the HV20 s.ehesten suitable.
Firstly it is the sharpness of the big sisters s.ehesten equal. Secondly, the nuances in the color with the XLS XHs and then converge.
Did you ever look at the Sony models EX1 HVR-S270, or considered? They can actually even better. Particularly 35MBits in EX1 gefazt should bring better results.
The HVR-S270 as a large shoulder camera is probably in the handling benefits.
Both have much better displays.

Antwort von schafred:

yes if you have a movie diplom turn, what have your training because it offers the s.filmequipment? there should be something lying ...

Other .. fazen by a hd monitor abfilm ... lol?

Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Other .. fazen by a hd monitor abfilm ... lol?

Nix lol ... this is often done and is the cheapest kind s.eine
Copy movie to come. I have an option Properties.

Looks chic from synonymous.

All the best Axel

Antwort von smooth-appeal:

Since you've mentioned no budget - buy you the Editcam of Ikegami. The footage I have seen is simply divine. Lag but perhaps synonymous s.Kameramann ;-)

Time in an emergency, with the XH-A1 you're already very well served. Camera s.dieser I have very little suspension and applies to all the really know me as a very fussy what technology is concerned.

There are several cameras that I would prefer the A1, but this is usually not s.der picture quality but the fact that there are shoulder camcorder and you can use interchangeable lenses. In the class of Henkel cameras I can only see the EX1 as a seemingly better alternative. However, significantly more expensive.

Since you already s.die but H1 have thought you should detail the EX1. What I have read so far sounds very positive.

I just stick with the Canon and someday when the money for a large shoulder camera with full HD and 2 / 3 "or 1" because the sensor is next and I hope the jumbled Prices sonig the hedgehog:-D

Antwort von PowerMac:

You ask for Slashcam after a camera for your diploma film? What you studying then? I would my diploma course on 35mm film shoot. Or, alternatively, on a Red

Antwort von el kick:

first time: thanks for the contributions.
I quite forgot to mention: the AG-HVX200 of panasonic could I use for practically nothing. I like the only impressive thing I of this camera to see, not at all (what do you think?). is, however, wonder whether the quality of the fazen not improved as far as that one in order to 1 Carefree living and 2 the saved money (because I do as I say almost nothing would get) "is worth more" than look at the use of a canon.

when I described above for the "special shots" in the forest a little consumer camera like the HV20 or synonymous from a Sony hdr-sr-range use, how strong is the quality difference to the more professional equipment?
I personally have is the silent assumption that the difference is surprisingly small. if that were the case, then I could tell that the entire film with a small camera and turn on the upgrading by fazen trust. I really do not need to change lenses, I have a feuerwehrkran for panorama shots, set up my camera equipment for themselves and do not like it when me a truck full of equipment from the main view obstructed. it counts only the question whether the building would be noticeably worse. and whether the high-quality sound is recorded (finally offer the consumer cameras do not xlr connection) or whether I prefer to record separately.

in any case are the thoughts that I currently do ...

Antwort von el kick:

prefer power mac (you can not really respond to individual postings?)

I am studying in a design degree in audiovisual media. not on an explicit film schools. I can not spend 30,000 dollars. and the attic of our school is not delivered with cameras. and the number of those forums just so reingrätschen want synonymous will probably never diminish.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"el kick" wrote:
... you can not really respond to individual postings?

But, you need to do is to "cite" s.Ende bottom right of the respective contribution to click.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von el kick:

"Bernd E." wrote:
"el kick" wrote:
... you can not really respond to individual postings?

But, you need to do is to "cite" s.Ende bottom right of the respective contribution to click.

Gruß Bernd E.

oh, many thanks, it would have been synonymous come ...

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