Infoseite // disruptive background noise while capturing

Frage von Arthur Brehm:


I have a high screen-tv-card with the 848-chipset,
btwdm use the card drivers (as the old on xp not
worked ...

for the record, I use the virtual-vcr.

Unfortunately when it comes to recording extremely disturbing behind -
basic sounds ... I have now pretty much tried everything
but the noise can not remove.

test, I have a few seconds and recorded on a
webspace uploaded. it is an astra-test bild.
I have made from the receiver to "mute" asked to respond to the
s.besten can hear noises.

I would be glad if you could help me!

with friendly greet

arthur Brehm


Antwort von Arthur Brehm:

Now, I had totally forgotten the webspace * lol *

because we find the converted file as MVCD ...

thanks in advance;)


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