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Frage von homunkulus:

I torment myself with the following problem.
I want to save old VHSC tapes on dvd and burn.
now I've found that with a adaptercassette it actually works, but the qualitative screen is pretty bad (), despite traces corrected setting. But if I dub of the camera with which it was received, the quali much better. So I connected camera and pc, works wonderfully. My problem is tbc, the band period and another appears. 've tried everything in the menu, unfortunately, does not hide, I can choose between ur full and simple presentation. is, moreover, a jvc camcorder. somebody has an idea how iches can hide anyway.
Many thanks in advance


Antwort von Markus:


but first needed is usually all video played on the calculator, and only then edited. Since you can then freely synonymous Hide Picture and sound one-and.

Or have I misunderstood something?


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