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beim abspielen hi 8 filme auf dem rechner nur s/w

during play hi 8 films on the computer b / w

Frage von letseob:
September 2006

So ... I have the following problem.ich would like to pull of my handycam (Sony CCD-TR780E Pal) HI 8 movies on the computer to burn them on dvd to have können.wir and brought to a program that is " DVD MovieFactory 2 "nennt.soweit synonymous everything's running ok, only just the computer, the movies only in black and white, I gibt.sehe my movies on a TV set, they are in farbe.wenn I see for example the camera on recording and doing then directly with the lighted record programs, he comically shows the same recorded in color ... who can help me here?

Antwort von StefanS:

"letseob" wrote:
Who can help me here?

Perhaps the one to whom you betray, with which you have the wiring connected and the Camera s.Calculator you say with what project settings in DVD MovieFactory bring you the video on the calculator.


Antwort von letseob:

we must connect it with s-video because the cam is not too old-cellular firewireabschluss.öhm ...* blödgugg what are project settings?

Antwort von letseob:

've forgotten to say that we use such a converter of chinch / s-video or whatever it is called on usb

Antwort von StefanS:

then it might make the mistake Composite/S- video or PAL / NTSC error.

Both liked to lead to a mono presentation.

What are the project settings, not this time tells you the light, but the view into the manual of the program.

In short: Because you are a place, eg what source of what you import.

But I'm still not quite sure if I your answers by linking to each other properly.

Once you connect the camera "directly with the burning program," is to say, without having to use the unfortunate USB box?
This works?

Then the project settings should be OK in the Movie Factory.

You connect the camera with the other part of the USB box and the with the calculator and the Movie Factory has done in this case, nothing at all with it?

Then any setting wrong in / s.der USB Box or the associated software is not. Then search times to NTSC / PAL and / or after Composite/S- video.

But please explain to the usual, detailed and precise. Rate My pleasure comes to an end :-)


Antwort von Duisburger:

You can not just allowed to connect S-Video to RCA!
Then you have this error.

So, RCA and S-Video s.Chinch sS-Video.

EDIT: Stefan was faster.

Antwort von letseob:

So ... we have the camera connected via an external grabberbox and the camera both as synonymous via composite or S-VHS, and we angeschlossen.and have darufgezogen a program to capture, which is Ulead Video Studio 10 nennt.beim capture, he gives b / w bilder.aber as I said, you can see on tv but I farbe.stell the camera to take with just recording and video studio this program directly, then it's in farbe.man can IJN this programmme pal ... secam ntsc or all einstellen.doch we've tried to change any settings or nothing remains of the building because the s / w

Antwort von Duisburger:

So the 'grabberbox' has indeed no S-video input. So you have to take the video output from your camcorder.
If you do not s.Television the S-video input, but the RCA input is taking the play s.Television synonymous black / white.

Antwort von StefanS:

"letseob" wrote:
So ... we have the camera connected via an external grabberbox and the camera both as synonymous with s-vhs or composite and connected.

Man, you press made clear. Shall I guess if you also have RCA and S-Video connected or you have successively tried?

"letseob" wrote:
And we have a program to capture darufgezogen, which is Ulead Video Studio Capture 10 nennt.beim, he is only black and white images. But I add to the camera recording and video studio just assume with this program directly, then it's in color.

I understand it so that it is s / w if you are a tape to play, but color, when you import the live image of the camera?

"letseob" wrote:
You can IJN programmme this pal or ntsc ... secam einstellen.doch all we've tried to change any settings or nothing remains of the building because the s / w

PAL alone is correct.
What controls are there?


Antwort von letseob:

yes you are correct that I'm talking about ..... nich .. I'm trying to puzzle it already has a precise beschreiben.der Grabber S-VHS connection and a standard RCA, ..... the camera has a standard RCA, synonymous and a specific s-vhs anschluss.wir have tried it with two ports .... So times with S-VHS, and then again with RCA, and in turn ... so yes you see the play when the tapes richtig.das everything b / w and the live image is in color, the camera ist.ich conclude on normal cinch s. the tv since s.and is then everything in the play of color bands.
more settings, the program has not just except pal and ntsc secam.

Antwort von Duisburger:

Close but once a VCR s.The 'grabberbox' s.and then look at what arrives in the PC.
Or once you invite another program such as Magix Video de Luxe (trial version) and test the recording order.

Antwort von letseob:

We endorsed the recorders .. and when everything comes to normal in color ... we have connected a dvd synonymous and synonymous since everything is in color in the world ... slowly, we understand that no longer ... because we do not see because what we are doing the wrong

Antwort von StefanS:

Now I guess again that the VCR "only" is a VHS device, which, naturally, not via S-video cable s.The USB Box is connected.

I guess next, you belong on the Camera cable:

You have those 2nd

One has on the page, which comes in the camera, a multi-pin jack on the other, and Page three RCA White Female in yellow (composite video), red (audio) and or black (audio)

The second cable is the S-video cable.

Now I suggest next time:

You have joined in the attempt, of course, just the VCR with composite video, scart, so either of the yellow / red / white RCA to RCA and RCA or right so s.The USB box.

If you s.The USB Box connects the camera, of course, you use the cable with the jack, for how else the sound will come over.

In addition, you use the S-video cable.

Is that right so far?


Antwort von Duisburger:

Then it can almost only be a cable problem - you use any or even Vedrlängerungen scart adapter, or exactly the same cable as the connection s.das TV?

EDIT: And Stefan was again faster.

Antwort von letseob:

stefan ..... So apparently you can not read ... you know what I'm constantly falsch.ich Although blöde.ich do not need a blonde but not after the fun of me macht.meiner opinion I express myself very understandable aus.ich knows exactly what a scat cinch or s-vhs cable is and where it must be strictly synonymous ... I do not use extensions only just this transformation of chinch / s-vhs to usb .... I know perfectly well that I either S-VHS has pluss serving snacks and take the red white for audio ... or even just cinch without S-VHS ....

Antwort von StefanS:

True, my friend.

Get the reading of contributions, with a minimum of zero and s.Zeichensetzung case-sensitive, I find somewhat difficult.

With an understanding of contributions, which will not even sensible, logical, and describe in short sentences correctly and precisely the problem, I really have problems.

So if I as a candidate, I do not synonymous assumed stupidity and had no hair, have here before me, I must first assume once again that he wants to have help here, just what you tell me everything now, what do you already know everything, just do not know, if only because of the nature of the contribution.

But since you know everything seem synonymous, and know where everything reingehört and are such a specialist in this field, I really wonder now, why you so you is like a toy is a USB box, buy.

But with this post then I'm out of the thread.

I still wish you a pleasant evening and good luck.


Antwort von letseob:

weisste stefan ... you are too stupid to even remember that I ne frau bin.aber since you do the people in their spell-piece, who is stupid and who should not, sometimes with you except you can apparently anfangen.denn will only reply with stupid stupid claims reissen.da so you just can not seem to help with my problem, you should prefer to hire others to dedicate ...
beautiful greeting of simone

Antwort von StefanS:

Oh my shit, so I am set so beautifully in the nettles.

I was always wondering why I meet a woman. This is not because I am always hanging around here, I just do not recognize them.

It is so easy!

Women can be seen s.der sensitive!

But you can tell me perhaps, yet, despite all the dispute, to admit that not clear from your logon name, what race you are, and unfortunately no one even in a forum like this, his opponent does not hear) (recognizing the voice (still see something very nice indeed might be). I was for this reason there is something at a disadvantage, but not regarded as an apology, please.

If I had known this, however, I might have my wife asked for a translation of your contributions and I would perhaps now things have become clear.

But as they say, no offense. I'm really out of here and pursue a solution with tension.

Nevertheless, and if you still like me even complaining, I wish you a pleasant evening and again good luck.

One last tip:

So give it with another cable.


Antwort von letseob:

hachjaaaaaaaaaaaa .... now well stefan.nur I wonder just why do you want to be here to meet a woman, if you have .... but a grien
Moreover, I am from berlin and now that we have times as a loose language on it .. what does not mean that I think the German language bin.mittlerweile we do not speak that there is a problem between my computer and is cam.
But again thank disput for our ...
gruss simone

Antwort von StefanS:

"letseob" wrote:
I wonder just exactly what you want to be here to meet a woman, if you have .... but a grien

Hello Simone,

Yes but now comes the fun s.der Freud back. The reason why I'm here again, if you want to or not :-)
I had not said so, that I'm learning know no women. And that I have a yes does not mean that others do not know yet (can learn).

"letseob" wrote:
Moreover, I am from berlin and now that we have such a loose time on it .. what language does not mean that the German language, I am not powerful.

... what did synonymous None. Consistently small, is just printed only harder to read and understand. Now the expression is not evaluated :-)
But I know that of my wife. When the car is not time to our house and brings Hofschrauber, but in a proper studio and then asked her what she had sort of a car, they always synonymous replied: "A green is the color so important?" But eventually she must get out so that he might not start and that it probably better than a contract shop fitting model and make is :-)

"letseob" wrote:
now we think this is a problem between my computer and is cam.

The idea sounds like the cable orgy, I think we had to get through, if only to exclude that as source of error, even logical.
Nevertheless, the behavior of your Calculator, USB box-and-trailer combination camera strange. You say that your cam s.TV the tape and live in color takes over, only s.der USB box connected by the tape comes s.Calculator only mono s.während the live recording of the action is coming back into Color.
That your VHS recorders are now available in colorful, synonymous suggests either the camera or the USB box.

Now we have heard so much chatter that I can not understand the following tests:

Camera via composite behaves identical to the camera via S-Video? If I remember correctly, yes.

Let me therefore please come back again to the USB box. Which box do we speak? Was there any software here, such as Ulead, what do you use or was there something else?
What controls are there s.der box or the software supplied with the box (if not), Ulead? We try to get out if need be synonymous to get to us only once if you say what you have there.


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