Infoseite // either HVR Z1 or Canon 60D / 600D

Frage von 0711video:

The next production to be:

1) a imageflm for a gym that wants a short version of this image filmes synonymous still show in the local cinema.

2) I would like a short feature film with 8 minutes on the turf in turn April / May.

3) in the spring (märz!) are then announced parades and street parades.

the form of production: the film image and the street parade (March / July) should s.einem piece without cutting with my steadicam pilot will be rotated.

my private hard work, the dramatic short film in April and May, in part, for which one has time.

My rationale:
queue for the projects, the s.nächsten, I'd used an HVR Z 1 with warranty buy (!)
+ Min recording time s.stück 80th with a DVM 80 (no sensor overheating / no file limit, etc)
+ True 1440 x 1080 (when the photo shoot is so challenged ... 1920 x 1080)
+ Photo shoot nimble auto focus, not a slow auto focus as important for steadicam
+ Easy editable material on PC

- Scenic work is only a limited extent, shallow depth only at longer focal lengths
- Photo shoot no full video recording as in the picture just looks different.

My conclusion: with nerve HVR Z1 different projects that I could better solve technically much as vice versa with nerve Canon 60d/d600.

your witty objectively necessary (!) inspirations I look forward with interest as always.


ps: I can only make an investment, either sony hvrz1 for about 2,000 euros or canon 60/600d with tamron 17-50 + Tokina 11-16 F 2.8 for each ¬ 1,700.

pss: loan differs from various reasons.


Antwort von Jott:

A few years ago, the Z1 and HVX200 the okay for the stage low-budget shoot. With both, you can even record decent sound. Not bad, eh?


Antwort von TiMovie:

From the image characteristic I would prefer the 60d of Z1.
The Z1's just one entry - Prosumer Cam, has good sound and is very reliable in all aspects (sharpness, ....)
Disturbing of course is the part in the annual HDV format with 1440x1080 50i.

With the Canon you are of course only draw s.Schärfe - hmmm.


Antwort von 0711video:

that means you would ultimately prefer the video camera, if I correctly interpret your comments!


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