Infoseite // electric cable of jvc everio gz-mg 130th ... Help!

Frage von ciaraa:

I'm new here and have an important question, am not sure whether this is the right place, but Well.
It's about the jvc everio gz-mg 130, which is this one: ... rder-0.jpg
I was very pleased with him, but I am now left the electric cable broken. I have not much idea of technology, but I think that was a pretty exotic cable, I have seen at least before. I googled a little bit, and I think it looks like this: ... 062711.jpg
So I think the "plug" that goes into the camera, looks like the front. penetrated the thing just hangs back, you just plug into the socket (excuse my lack of expertise;)) ... and one of these two things to me is broken (no idea how this could happen) and now does not work the whole thing. I will not get around to buy myself a new cable, right?

The camcorder has another connection for the computer cables, which is a very conventional for such a cable (at least I have a lot of them at home) ... yes, my cell phone and the charger cable is synonymous this connection, so I thought it might work, perhaps, but not hats ... sigh ... So, I have to buy a new cable, or is there perhaps any other possibility?


Antwort von domain:

Can be repaired as a rule, because the cable is not so directly or s.Male s.Netzgerät tears off but only after the flexible plastic sleeve. These can be removed carefully with a Stanley knife without damaging the internal cable and has again about 1.5 cm cable so that the solder with the lacerated. Then again everything with hot glue should be cast. Hobbyist's a tricky job, but it is doable.


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