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Frage von ako:


Is it possible for Encore only display the active button and hide the inactive?

My first experiment was inactive with the same color as the background einzufärben ... because the problem is, however, that when you go into a different menu for about 2 sec (depending on the player) all the buttons are displayed .... something unprofessional ...
also agrees with the color of the inactive button with the background do not match. funny, because I did in Photoshop with the pipette out the RGB color code (174, 38, 44) ... I am now the colors of the default group to 174,38,44 with 100% and render the whole thing, the button still inactive a slightly brighter color
what is the reason?

or has someone another solution?



Antwort von Debonnaire:

What do you do at all with a "call button"? What is their function? Why is it there and especially when and how is it active?


Antwort von ako:

if I switch between the different buttons, change is always selected (active) and the other is not selected (inactive) ... I click on the active (selected) do I switch to the shortcut button ...

what s.schluss get out, is a "jumping" button ... so as for example the arrow button, which depending on the choice between the various choices jumps (eg, between start film, extras, photos ,...)

may be synonymous, that I am completely wrong about the applicant, because I have not but with encore with sony dvd arichtect worked ...

thx ako


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