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Frage von rico.bronson:

Hello dear Forum User
I have been long been looking for a suitable
Tripod for my Canon HG20. it's like playing the lottery, I know
Tripod is not what the right one.

someone has already pers report on an experience (his)
Tripod? I have reviewed the Manfrotto range, it is only the brand
name, or justify the high price?

I thank you for the help
Greeting Rico Bronson


Antwort von EdwinAnDerSaar:


I have been using for several weeks, a Velbon DV -7000, in conjunction with a Canon HF100 and am very satisfied.

It depends on what you are willing to invest. For me it was "only" a maximum of 100 ¬.



Antwort von kalle70:

Here have a SABA ST70, ST90 and ST100 Tripod SABA one.

Kenner, it will know it is there to Manfrotto Tripods.
However, older design, and easily trimmed equipped.

However, very stable tripods made of aluminum with good heads (ST70 and ST100 Aluminum ST90 plastic / aluminum head)

The tripods I've searched on ebay and after shot.
None of them has killed more than 30 euros.

The ST70 Series 055 meets with the head MA 128RC
The ST100 is a Manfrotto Triman with 139er head.
The ST90 is somewhere in between. Manfrotto model around which it is yet I can not say.

The ST70 excellent fit for light cameras and has a max. Height of 180 cm!

The ST100 synonymous with the 139 head carries a great camera safe.
The max. Working height is about 200 cm.


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