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externe Festplatte! nur welche?

external hard drive! just what?

Frage von Eisbär:
Juli 2007


for me it's slow work closely with the space on my external disk with 160 GB. Do me yesterday around a bit and was very surprised that it is now very much gigabytes is for relatively little money.

I am looking for something holding a lot of space with 500-1000 GB, should be fast and quiet, energy saving, stylish design, reliable, perhaps synonymous network because I s.and be synonymous times s.Laptop want to make something if it should work without problems.

Here's my choice:




Oh yes, and synonymous HDV so you should edit it: D Is this still something to consider? It is hard now indicate which video files can be scaled. Is that important or good?

'm Amazed what nowadays everything can be hard.

What does her choice of her or knew something better?

Nice day

Antwort von AndyZZ:

The Trekstor stuff that you've selected, there are certainly a lot of extra stuff that you might not need. Wa speaks against a simple 500 GB disk in a simple easy external plastic enclosure with Firewire connection? This wagon should probably significantly cheaper than the Trekstor parts, given the added dimensions chic look. With remote control (for what? Can probably directly NEN Television anschießen so ne Art Media Center). Prices for this?

Antwort von Naturbambus:

Hi Polar Bear,

Well, I for one would definitely look for: And although there are now eSATA hard disks, which with 3Gbit / s (which are over 350 MByte / s) more than 6 times faster than USB2 hard disks and 7.5 times as fast as the normal 400 Mbit Firewire is. This external hard drive is as fast as the internal and you can order as Windows on the external hard drive and install only when needed, or attach to another PC. - Well at least this is the reason why I buy my eSATA will. I wish that Linux on my PC instead of Windows. But I do need Windows occasionally, I'll get it on an external eSATA disk to install and use only when needed. With USB2 and Firewire fast Firewire 800 Mbit it is not possible.

Disadvantage: This interface is still not widespread. However, many of them already erboards supported. You do not like buying a new motherboard, but there are eSATA controller cards s.ca. ¬ 20, which is simply a free PCI slot there.

Incidentally, Heuer is still a eSATA disk get out, which is twice as fast as the current.

Antwort von PowerMac:

I would be either the Hitachi 1000 GB HD or 750 GB of HD by ES-WD ATA external enclosure to connect.

Antwort von Eisbär:


well, it need not necessarily be of Trekstor. It was only the first address where I only have around times. I'm not so synonymous informed what speed interfaces are concerned. These times, I will soon purchase the Chip.de purely for advice, because as something synonymous about network disks is described. It would certainly be a fine thing ...

Otherwise, how important is that now if a hard drive HDV material can be scaled or not? Or whether a media player is integrated or not?

I know there really is not synonymous bescheid and knew not what some other things to look at the hard drive should purchase, except how much memory you get fürn euro;)

But with 3Gbit / s should be technically well-clear video, not true;) =?

Can actually synonymous two external disks in Raid composite interconnect?

Antwort von Eisbär:

I think you have as a compromise can be found somewhere, huh?

Let's say, I'm with my laptop abroad. Is there a possibility of there with the notebook on the left at home, external hard drive to the data access? I believe it was called then integrated FTP client or something. Are there any external hard disks of this kind? The desktop PC should not be switched, but the s.PC connected external hard drive turned in when I use the Internet to retrieve data of wishes. Is this possible or utopian?

Ciao Denny

Antwort von Pax0r:

This is possible if you want to know how, then read it;)

Antwort von Eisbär:

So good!

How does the hard drive and which meets all these requirements? :)

Antwort von Pax0r:

joa, look here: http://wdc.com/de/products/products.asp?driveid=279

The hard drive is s.deinen router (if you have holds, otherwise you will not purchase more than come around) angeklemmt.

Antwort von Naturbambus:

So this can you forget my opinion, because the hard drive then maybe (I do not know) is running all the time and in any case will be over the Internet have little joy as your upstream probably, maybe not synonymous, this is not sufficient.

I believe the housing biste with good hands, is fast, looks chic, is passively cooled, and the LAN has to pretty much all kinds of connections.

Antwort von Eisbär:

Hey PaxOr,

thanks for the link. That looks quite good times.

Nen wireless router I already have, but a wireless network, I have not yet been configured. In this case, probably by the speed of the transmission rate of the network router limited. But the ES-ATA model is not ...

As I said, probably should find a compromise.

But thanks again for the tip. I will be the Western Digital times with the external network hard drive of Trekstor compare.

Gruss Denny

Antwort von Eisbär:

.... and synonymous times of the Seagate into consideration. Samsung has I think a bad service.

Let's see what I can find so s.magazines. On weekends, I will hopefully have more time to get smart about the issue to make.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Hitachi and WD are currently s.schnellsten in 750ern and the 1TB.

Antwort von Naturbambus:

If you test with the WD perhaps again thoroughly superior;)


At Amazon, there is hardly any enthusiasm of.

With the necessary effort can be synonymous everything yourself.


Antwort von PowerMac:

I feel naked hard not to any external bucket with strange chipsets. And WD and Hitachi are the fastest.

Antwort von Eisbär:

Nee, or, as I could so almost for the WD World Edition II les inspire and then I have this bad amazon feedback. And they stands Chip.de the purchase recommendation?!

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