Infoseite // faster PC + Windows 7 = slower Premiere Pro?

Frage von pierrehansen:

Good day together,

I have assembled myself two weeks before a new PC and the shift of Windows XP (32 bit) on Windows 7 (made 64-bit). Likewise, I've swapped of Premiere Pro CS3 to CS4. Some other Programs running, I'm thrilled. Premiere Pro, however, is not among them.

) On my old PC (Dual Core, 2GB Ram, I have cut two years ago, an extensive film in HDV. The PC came as regelmäßg s.seine boundaries but smooth working was still possible.

Now I have a quad, 8 GB Ram and wanted to noon today Zusammenschneiden a few snippets of DV video material, both as. Vob as present as synonymous. Avi. To my surprise I found out that the jerky screen showcase what it's worth. Of liquid can be no question and the picture looks very boxy. VLC can play without problems, the two videos. Likewise, it is that appears directly when creating the video file in the sequence, a red render bar. That was as far as I can remember the time when the HDV editing is not the case. Since the red beam always came only when one has s.Material changed something.

How can this be? I have repeatedly read that Premiere Pro is much resources, but from my experience, yes, I know that my computer would be more than sufficient. Windows 7 debt. Perhaps because Premiere Pro does not support 64bit?

Has anyone had similar experiences? About help I would be very happy.

Best regards,



Antwort von Alf_300:

Something's better is when everything is set to performance.
Win7 32bit should run a little more fluid than x64, at least that was with me so until I return back to The Roots recorded sharing on my xp and now eager wait for sp1.


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