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Frage von Jito:

Following problem:
If I for example the contrast hochschraube in the program. Then, the video looks different than in the program when I rendered it. Additionally, the videos will not play smoothly in the Sony Vegas. Why is that?
Intel core 2 duo E6550 2.33 ghz
Nvidia geforce 8600 gts
and 2 gb ram.


Antwort von tommyb:

In Vegas it will not play smoothly, because it will just render directly while playing.

You can pre-rendering areas on the hard drive or directly into memory. Then the liquid is synonymous with playing. Much computing power is not so wrong in Vegas.

To your problem:
To what extent it is "different"?

Quote: Then, the video looks different than in the program when I rendered it.

When I give my car instead of Super Plus Super, then it goes synonymous different (but need not automatically be better).

What exactly is different? Do you have a before / after screenshot?


Antwort von Jito:

So I will now grow me a new Calculator. I thought s.einen Imac or MacBook Pro. Could I recommend vllt what what I can work normally, or should I go vllt the program because I truly believe now that it is s.der power of the computer.


Antwort von Alf_300:

The calculator is actually not umbedingt the fastest, because of course you are going with an Apple even better - at least they say das.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Sun NEN nonsense!

If the calculator is set up clean then this should be no prob. Can I create here with dual-core computers and not complain no preference in what material.

Put simply times clean - ing iMac or Powerbook makes synonymous nothing better when you müllt to his system.


On the "this will look different from when it is rendered" well that's very meaningful strong!

If you have a BluRay disc image file to Xvid screw down then the video looks synonymous different (so it must not if you do it right) Say it's all relative and comes to the workflow and the used codecs and settings.

And if you do not explain this in detail what are you instead because you can tell no one.

B. DeKid


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