Infoseite // have a WDTV Live - I redirect now convert DV to HD?

Frage von bountybob:


've been with my Panasonic NV-DS 990EG Mini DV Camera my movies always cut by as FinalCut and Mpeg2 + AC3 output for authoring. Now I hae me a WDTV Liveplayer increased, which happens so bekant synonymous HD material. Möchtenun I know if I can spend my movies now synonymous in higher resolutions (codecs) and if it works, if I possibly already synonymous with the recording of movies from tape to your Mac is already different to proceed.

Thank you for your help!



Antwort von thos-berlin:

Since the camera is probably a MiniDV camcorder is not a different format, delivered as a DV-AVI with a Resolutionvon 720x576 score.

The transferring to the MAC remains as it is.

I would make the cut as before and the output format is synonymous with the recent Resolutionbeslassen if the scaler of WDTV generates a vernünfitiges signal. Why blow up an SD signal to HD, if the player makes the hardware of a satisfactory quality?

SD is made one way or the SOWISO no HD!


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