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Frage von videoboy:

hello together,
I ask here times two formats for video, without consideration of matters like matroska codec and similar exoten (maybe but I think they are synonymous only exoten!?), so only absolute standarts.

to be used for further avi `s clear to me so far, but I can make with my WIN-TV 2 GO da settings too eg -" no compression ", and that this layer, etc.
what's a good idea to choose? is still confusing, that can be audio and video varies comressen, wh it's something that is contradictory to me.
I can give tips to anyone on the settings so I must be careful or I can take a simple standart?

What standart I ever take in general? So synonymous with capture, since it seems to me that what one program processed (avi), so that others may not (the same avi)

With WinAVI to convert the data to a standart is miserably failed, because what I did of the filmchen was only a tonspur without images.

thanks for tips
Beautiful day yet


Antwort von Markus:


there is no universal standard that every application is exactly the same. So what is your request? Where are your pictures and what do you mean?


Antwort von videoboy:

So basically I have been helped already.
formulate rummage for some time in the forum, I ask my new can - in the premiere forum - is it the "fat stefan ensured" that I myself uploading - just before the new despair and everything just before and / or me with my codecs system shoot - was tried again. "Once again as new. Can save avi" (with VirtualDub) and finally, after importing premiere6.

the problem was / is probably the most even if it does not mean AVI AVI must be what you need grad!
In short, the solution seems to be: even Gspot can help because it is not part if we can interpret the information which is not correct. So the only try, has once again worked with Gspot read wenns. Thus one can then establish a process of elimination what was now the program (in my case just premiere6) like to do and what not.

with the exact dates of infos Gspot and what it can mean for a video you are getting involved and even deepen.
so you can work and get frustrated erstmal not already s.anfang background and you may then need to acquire.

That seems to me a good path.

ps. Ah so - I received were of a Canon DV-camera and I have conferred with Scenalyzer. I think times have I not paying attention (at Scenalyzer) format exactly what I wanted and where I want to import the. I think I would have sowas mal briefly seen, but pushed away and the capture starts.
I will respect the next time on it.
I do not sit grad s.dem appropriate computer and can not nachkontrolieren it.


Antwort von videoboy:

to / from the beginner-threat:


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