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Frage von artisthh:

Hello dear colleagues,

Now again I need a small tip or assistance of you ..... I hope that your answers me and me to help.

Well I cut my videos with Pinnacle Studio 9 Pros. To this day, I transferred all my videos from the DV via firewire to the laptop and simply recorded.
Then came the case recently I received a finished DVD (eg a film as it is known by the trade ....... or a DVD which had already been created and should now be dealt with again) and it should deal nocheinmal. Now my problem

I did not get the movies on my storyboard ....... not that it means there were no files .......( hope you understand what I mean ......) So I could only DVD View in Windows Media Player to edit ...... but not on Pinnacle ......
I often heard from importing, etc., what does that mean ????? Is this my problem??
If yes, please explain to me where I'm at Pinnacle 9 pros??

And recently, I have a stink normal Windows Media Player to get the file I should deal with the same problem again .......... ...... ........ but he went on videos File not found ..... Is that the same problem .......????

You were really grateful if you explained to me how this .......... expires, or when I need small Programs or tools to ensure Recompress .......... where can I download them ... ...

Thanks to then


Antwort von NettyDo.:

Aaaalso: Fixes me if I was doing wrong .....

A "standard" DVD is yes. "VOB" files. These files are the picture-and audio information bundles. The Windoze Media nerves has been granted "codecs" with the information which he "decoded". By doing this you and I can not, said at the time many moons ago, the software producer and film industry that this decoding is available just synonymous for the screen. Pinnacle has not so obvious a codec installed to handle - would be synonymous partially illegally .... grins ...

Complication is when "buying movies," added that a copy protection (eg, Macrovision) is present. This still can not even read access with the Exblöder. The VOB. files, not even you can click on .... Ok, there are some - now illegal - Tools. But even if you can read these files, the problem is again the same as described above, namely the non-existent import codec.

One possibility: If the DVD is without copy protection, then a standard player s.den video input connected to the PC, launch DVD, press Record and then edit it. The quality does not diminish too much, not afterwards when you compress the DVD to be created too much!

Maybe there is somewhere synonymous now a tool for VOB2AVI??

I hope I could help a bit!



Antwort von Markus:


a VOB file is a container, which are in a DVD-Video USDI MPEG2 data. Often it is sufficient to copy the VOB files on the hard drive and rename the extention to MPG. In many cases, you can then import the video into the video editing program.

This does not always work, but it's worth a try. ;-)

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Antwort von Mister G:


The search function is hidden in the far left menu:

File - DVD (import or something like that) then you can check which tracks set to be imported. Pinnacle launches even after an automatic scene detection, so that the raw material is then available as usual.

It is true what was said above for copy protection ...


Mister G


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