Infoseite // iLink activation during HDR-FX7 a problem?

Frage von lodjur100:

Does the purchase through the Internet "cheap providers' problems with non-activated DVin / iLink inputs, when I edited footage from the PC to play back miniDV?

Thanks for an answer, I'm there as a rookie but unsure



Antwort von Bernd E.:

"lodjur100" wrote: Problems with non-activated DVin / iLink inputs?
Mir is not a version of the FX-7, which is not s.Werk DV - In would (if it were, it would be anyway officially for the EU market). Insofar as you need not worry: Each FX-7 has a working DV input.

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von Gummi:

How should we understand the question? There is only one HDR FX7E and always has the DVin. Or do you mean legal problems?

There are three vers. Models

1. HDR-FX1 from Asia and USA
2. HDR-FX1 reimports from EU countries
3. HDR-FX1 from Germany

The important thing is actually in our area that there is a HDR FX1E (PAL) is.
The camcorder of a CE mark and a garbage tonne (ElektroG) has.
A german manual and a blue / white Sony warranty card. Otherwise, there is perhaps no 24-month warranty and the camcorder should be back to his country of origin. So far, end users are legally not been prosecuted. Dealers can do a tax office, the Inch, the EAR Foundation and competition synonymous of the big problems. For this reason, the favorable vendor disappear very quickly once again synonymous.

Why are there such large price differences?

without the warranty card is usually in Singapore and Hong Kong or the United States only 12 months warranty. A return to the country of origin is very expensive. Often the product is wrong in inches or import sales tax evaded. Goods are not in the EAR Foundation (ElektroG) logged on. For this reason, your camcorder from Germany with all the expensive extras. But greed is notoriously geil.

Quite simple calculation:

1. SONY HDR-FX1E s.Werk 2.000 EUR
2. Import VAT +19%
3. Inch 0-10%
3. ElektroG + 2%
4. Warranty + 2%
5. Margin + 2%

Retail Price: approximately 3,000 EUR - 3,500 EUR


Antwort von lodjur100:

Bernd Hello, Hello "Guest",

have very sincere thanks for the explanations which have helped me a lot.



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