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Frage von xfilmer:

hallo, import movies on the computer imovie08 aufn, the movies are in 16:9 format to look at iMovie, only eventtordner they are in 4:3 (quicktime) is stored, when I look at the movies with direct import quicktimepro they are in 16:9 format (as had to be),,
So why submit iMovie is not the movies in 16:9 imovieeventordner,
the raw material is vonn sony hc96 miniDV in 16:9 format,
nor did many others ask (:,, gibs in Berlin mac / hc96 regulars or generally amateur video taken?


Antwort von Axel:

If only a presentation issue, s.Material itself, nothing changes.

The export of the finished product but's true. If the film only on computers angeguckt (eg Webfilm), you need to export with square pixels. That is, the aspect ratio in pixels must then arise 16:9. Free choice of size, an example would be 720 x 405 (previously> deinterlace: search).

For a DVD, the export of iMovie, iDVD car after voting. If not, then here is in contrast to the size Webfilm fixed:
720 x 578th And although no preference as to whether your movie is in 4:3 or 16:9 is. Differences, both formats through an information on the DVD ( "flag"), which notifies the player that the Picture "anamorph (otisch" (distorted) is, and he therefore equalize so that the representation vote. That must be somewhere else cease to be. Meanwhile, there are many generations of DVD Players and synonymous many 16:9 TVs because the principle should not be so difficult to understand.

Good luck in finding of like-minded people!


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