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Frage von Floriusmaximus:

New in the country, I have video of Digicamcorder SonyHDR HC3E a movie on the 20 "iMac with iMovie creates. Alles prima. But when you play the whole thing runs too slowly - about 80% of Echtgeschwindigkeit both iMovie s.iMac as synonymous in on iDVD version burned on a DVD player s.Television. Did the whole thing with mehrerenT estläufen probiert. Even the clip is too slow. If there 's default settings when importing to iMovie or s.Camcorders in the menu of Editeinstellung?
Yours sincerely asks with Florian
[/ b]


Antwort von tnd_de:


read your question until today.

Have a similar problem with the Canon HV20 of. For me, however, are only clips too slow when I'm out of the Clippool s.rechten edge play. I slide it down into the timeline and then play it, everything is ok.

Happens not synonymous with all clips. It is synonymous to clips that behave differently, even on the tape between a continuous time code.

Do you have knowledge now?

Regards, Thomas


Antwort von bbbelly:

I had the same problem with HV20. I have the iMovie preferences following changed: new project frame rate of 29.97 to 25
therefore change of ntsc pal and now after playing with me with everything from the correct geschwindigkleit

hope this helps the two of you also


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