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Frage von videolo:

I am working just a few weeks ago with the cutting of my freshly digitized old SVHS tapes.
I work with iMovie11 Vers 9.0.
I read the forum very often that FCE is clearly preferred for the Mac iMovie.
what are the essential (for amateurs) arguments about why FCE is preferable iMovie11?
Is there a direct Comparison of the performance? (Here on slashCAM not found).
Thank you for feedback


Antwort von Axel:

Both use the same HD codec, the AIC, so the image quality is different. The surface of FCE is identical with the of Final Cut Pro, with smaller features. Judging from the results here, especially iMovie makes a brief opportunity to filmmakers, inspired cut style. It's like a paint box with ten colors, do or die. Whether a twenty colors and a tube of white paint (FCE) make you happier? Ultimately, it comes to video and not about how "professional" look the user interface, right?

PS: My niece shocked me with the quality of their debut, one of Digiknipse made with iMovie, the daughter of my neighbor won a Youth Award for WMM plant.


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