Infoseite // iPad as a preview monitor for 5D Mark II

Frage von Der Nick:

Hello people!
I went looking around on the iPad App "Camera DSLR Remote Pro." The function to live view of the 5D Mark II 1:1 seems to get on the iPad me almost too good to be true.

Do you have experience with this app? Is it suitable as a control to monitor

- Check the sharpness of detail?
- Flexibility to set light?
- To survey the section better?

I synonymous guess I also need a device to make the 5D wireless technology!

Looking forward to your feedback!
The Nick


Antwort von Axel:

We have an iPad Movies as a wireless GUI to our ad server. Works for the agency synonymous with a specially written App. A Compaq Mini-Notebook as a GUI for another server, however, is scrap. Even the right click-left click buttons to respond s.Trackpad not as good as the touch fields of the iPad. From the ease of starting, with the iPad of H.264 DSLR play and the ease of starting, with which it on iMovie on the iPhone (with a similar OS) can be cut synonymous native, would be a live preview monitor possible and desirable. The discovery of you app is GUI to be seen as remote and as a preview monitor for pictures.

The catch is that, as the Slashcam-Review found a transmission via WiFi already on AppleTV as a transmitter for video is too slow, and that is why - HDMI interface wishes of the editorial - for the future Conclusion.


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