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in 25f oder 50i aufnehmen fuer keying?

in 25f or 50i record for keying?

Frage von dash snow:
Februar 2008


following problem:
Tomorrow I turn in a blue box with an xl h1 + p + s adapter and take the signal directly about hd sdi to HDD.

should I shoot 50i or 25f ?????
when I look at the pictures in direct comparative chart, 50i looks much more crisp out.

if I believe all the articles that belong to me in the last 3 courses on the internet about this place is the 25f modes but totally super.

it roars like a lot of strong, if I switch to 25f. the grain is coarser. das bild siete as if Hett as any algorithms plenty of artefarkte or what is termed left.

if I 50i material in Final Cut Pro deinterlace, it is of course synonymous siete scheisse from again.
There is also an option, the 50i interlace material so that it is better than the 25f is.

if so, to do it better before or after keying?

I was very pleased about quick help, because tomorrow I already had the first shooting.

Antwort von robbie:

Who knows whether this comes too late or not ...

It says 25p ;)...

And where you control your Picture? Hopefully on an HD-SDI monitor, otherwise everything is synonymous with caution ...

What should emerge as a finished product? A DVD? An Internet film? Movies A movie?

In the end it always depends of the software, with which you do the keying. The good keyer of After Effects, for example, synonymous with interlaced material is no problem.
Even if you occasionally read that you should use 25p ..

Antwort von Axel:

It is true that there is actually no reason why "i" is worse keyen material should be provided, as robbie has written, the software is good for them.
In Final Cut Pro itself, you can do that but then bend, every movement will have a spill-comb patterned tail behind him, you at least with the onboard tools, not tinkering.

What you are about the allegedly blurred and noise-Picture compelling writing, sets the suspicion that you are in automatic mode searched, in which the camera for "25 f" (in the timeline, then it is called "p" as robbie writes) to use more gain than in 50i. Rule of thumb: Manual and in the "f" mode for natural movements 1/50tel shutter speed that is in the case of keying can shorten somewhat.

Properly handled, must be "f" material a subjectively better resolution Was. The keying is unproblematic. But no later than at the hand Nachkorrigieren with Roto tools one would like to have full.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Ne time question ... Where is the sense in a P + S ... this is a "35 mm adapter or ... is the depth of sharpness Un-effects or thought?

Woführ be found in a bluebox necessary ?????

Or is the box so big that you would like this effect? So this would be me intressieren times.

(Ok for example POTC, I can still understand you at the fights on the deck of the ship with will chen things had to work ...)

Würd me if my friends because someone would enlighten.

(If it is generally clear as several people in the picture there and shot and shot half are synonymous, it could make sense but ...)

Say dash snow can you tell us as much time on your goal / Project explain even I can understand?

PS lol I can not resist synonymous, sometimes after your Alias | Wavefront Maya behalf to ask, but how do you get to the so-NEN name - too much Scarface and Blow gekuckt movies ?????????? Sounds somehow Tarantino after his new strip, but as Alias | Wavefront Maya? - (

Antwort von robbie:

A 35mm adapter is a design tool that can be initiated when one wants, in theory. And if you have a film with a 35mm film adapter, then we filmed the whole movie, not just individual scenes. Due to the continuous look ...

In a bluebox is it just makes sense, since this background (blue) is blurred, and thus the surface uniform.

Antwort von dash snoww:

Thank you for your reply.
then I think I've made the right decision and to 25f (p) rotated a 50stel belichtungszeit.

with the sharp and the noise I s.einem hd sdi monitor checked, and the camera on manual, but trodzdem thank you for the tipp.

the coarser grain but I have only one of the three monitor well recognized, but the definitely sure.

keyend we ae in the strong, but now we have eh 25p.

the 35 mm adapter, we have, for example at a nearby schonn with a 50 when the sharpness of the eyes is the hare to the rear will be slightly blurred. this is just a different look!
plus a few details that much better synonymous.
Scherf synonymous with relocation, it iat schuehn if the sharp siete go backwards, rather than afterwards to faken.

The disadvantage is that you have a lot of fuzzy edges to exempt, the dafuer if it does well then synonymous better.

my final format is not yet entirely clear. but probably in the digital cinema projection.

has anyone any directly comparable between 50i deinterlaced in retrospect and 25f (xl h1) directly from the camera?

thank you very much,

dash snow

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Thank you robbie + daash the snow I thought so just wanted to just ask. Had the feeling that perhaps when keying dan ... probs occur precisely because of the fuzziness of edges as mentioned above. But seems to be working :-)

Antwort von DeeZiD:

My recommendation?

In 50i record, then deinterlace, then keyen because:
through 25f loses some s.Lichtstärke
you lose some s.Schärfe

-> With Avisynth and MvBob deinterlace better gehts definitely not. Visibility better than 25f - schärfe and no diagonal lines occur at edges recapitulative

Gruß Dennis

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